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  1. Prop. He uses it during his live show. It's made of rubber
  2. Does the pot recess?? If it does, it may be a "no load" tone pot. Up to 9 it's normal, but at 10 it bypasses the circuit making it go from volume straight to the input jack
  3. It looks clean. So long as it works, it's not too bad a price. The only thing is that I would play it. No telling what condition how the pots, switching, jacks, etc are in...
  4. It looks clean. So long as it works, it's not too bad a price. The only thing is that I would play it. No telling what condition how the pots, switching, jacks, etc are in...
  5. White123: WhAt???? 0.o? Even going by synonyms, that didn't entirely make sense grammatically.
  6. Too true. Also thought it was cool that it looks very similar too (minus the J pickup, an extra knob added, and the color and the neck cosmetics) the April fools from Alex years ago.
  7. I was just surprised no one posted about it before as this twitter pic was made in the middle of last year. Guess no one here pays much attention to Panic! I know I don't. This was sent to me by a friend yesterday that happened to see it and knows that my JS is my main guitar.
  8. Where was this at?? I didn't see it when I was there (too bad the guitar isn't blue, but still awesome!)
  9. So has anyone noticed this Dallon Weekes guy had a custom Jag-Stang bass made? It's not a Fender. I can't quite make out the headstock name, and I haven't been able to find any info. Just a pic on his twitter and a few pics of him playing it live. It's Olympic white with a single P pickup, binding, block inlays, jaguar switching, and 3 control knobs on the control plate. I can't post a photo with my phone. http://t.co/imOeiN3d Hopefully that link is valid.
  10. DUDE!! Thank you! I've been trying to find a posting of the book online!!
  11. Try to keep in mind, it is only a tribute, not a full on replica. Neck pickup distance: easy oversight. The logo is still relatively close considering they didn't examine the original with a fine tooth comb. Its not as angled simply b/c it isn't a Stewmac bridge, but a Fender made TOM, if it bugs you, replace it. The finish would be more expensive for Fender to do if it had to be "perfect" everytime, as the sunburst finish is difficult to duplicate exactly every single time. Lastly, I actually prefer a radius that allowed for better action than one that is off like the real deal, so that one "oversight" I label as a positive (but I'm speaking as a person that would actually play the thing as opposed to display). It does have a custom neckplate with a Fender logo Kurt made in an art class, which is a nice touch.. All I'm getting at is that this is a fairly well made tribute instrument designed not to break the bank too much. If they went completely full on like "collectors" would want, then it would cost WAY more.. If anything, yes, its commercialism to cash in on Kurt's legacy, but lets not forget that Kurt himself wasn't completely above selling out either. This particular instrument is a middle ground of sorts to get a relatively close instrument out there while trying to keep it somewhat affordable and within reach to most professional musicians and not just the "collectors" that shell out thousands for a piece of memorabilia just to have it languish in a case or vault. It's meant to be played is what I'm getting at.. Whether Kurt would agree with this is all up for debate, but I'm sure we can all agree that he would want everyone that gets one to actually play it and not treat it as if its some "sacred object."
  12. Actually, even dating websites agree.. and here's the article on Spin to prove it!!! Nickelback are sex repellant!!!
  13. I like to think of them as realizations of those fantasy mockups people here do every once in a while. I'm with u tho, the whole mustang layout really looks best IMO on that body shape..
  14. Mark knopfler and Steve Miller apparently use them o.O Here's that Tele one that wasn't on Eastwoods page http://groshguitars.com/guitars/bolt-on-models/electrajet-vt/
  15. Check these out! Most of them are basically Jag-Stangs but with different layouts, like a tele or Strat-ish.. http://www.wildwoodguitars.com/electrics/don_grosh.htm
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