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  1. i would like to...unfortunately i live is some small ass village where we dont have a guitarshop around for MILES. So i'm counting on you guys xD
  2. Hey All, Well, i'm selling 3 of my guitars (a Peavey T-60 abd T-26 and my Westminster Mustang) to get a new guitar....however, my dad got so pissed off that i buy guitars and sell them for less and then buy some more (lol...i just love to play everything i get my hands on). So i made a deal with him...when i sell all my guitars I may buy 1 more and shoukd have it at LEAST 1 year .... SO i was thinking....Jag or Jazz...Jag or Jazz...(i almost went crazy ) -I really like The Strokes and Nick Valensi uses a guitar with p90's on it, BUT i've heard some rumors that the Jazzmaster sucks playing with dist. -The Jaguar is just...wow BUT every singlecoil guitar i've owned just didnt do it on dist, and sounded cheap (well maybe they were cheap guitars...) And i' kinda affraid that both guitars arent really.."Rock" guitars..... Sigh, lol...i need some help If some1 can try to convince me to buy a Jag or Jazz, shoot! Thanks, c ya around
  3. Hi, I was browsing on The Eastwood Guitars website and really digged the soundclip of the JR elite http://www.eastwoodguitars.com/GTRs/jrE ... rElite.htm (the marshall one) I was wondering, wich song is it, and can some1 PLEASE tell me where i can find some tabs for this, or name any band that plays like that. And in wich category does that fall, rock or country? Thx
  4. oh wait, its on the top of the amp (rofl) i did unscrew it, but cant see the tubes because theyre a little deepir within the amp. And yea, no standby switch, but when i turn it on i ave to wait like...a minute before the sound come trough (and it suxzors, have to wait like 5 minutes and it will pwn) And when i turn it off it make slike...this weird arse "spaceish" sound. Lol, kinda weird that this amp is a mystery to all PS, dammit, i'm gonna unscrew the whole frkin thing then to find out wich tubes it has
  5. Dunno, this amp doesnt have that plate. All i know is that the Tube(s) is/are glowing red and thats it...(can peep through that thingy thats to the right of the logo)I don't really know alot about tube amps since this is my 1st one
  6. If it didnt have that dick shaped headstock i'd love it
  7. Hies, Well, Today i FINALLY got a ride to teh music store (as you may know, i was going for a Valbee).So when i arrived i asked some dude that works there if i could try it out, he was like: YESH!! sure. BUT, the damn thing was broken and it was the last in stock so i couldn't give it a try . Then he asked me: Dude, yer looking for a Tube amp? I was like: YESH!!1, but the valbee is like the cheapest tube amp i've ever seen and good for home use. The the guy asked me to wait and went down to some room where they have old used stuff. So he recommended me this, and i bought it. (after wetting my pants when i tried it out first, because it rox) It's a Bogey T30R Tube amp, any1 knows if its any good? nothing on Harmony Central , i like it to. And then i was looking for a pedal and that guy suggested this: It's a Boss ME-6, and it looks old >__< (cant try it out yet, dont have teh damn power adapter) Sighs...the amp only costed me 119 euros and that effect thingy 40, was it a good deal or am i a total retard? Greets, lol
  8. Hi All. Need some helpz0r on this one, since i have no clue what to buy. Sold my MG30DFX and will get a Ibanez Valbee as soon as i find some1 to drive me to the damn store. And i was thinking of purchasing a Mic and a small amp or something where i cud Plug the mic in. BUT, i have no clue what i should buy.......does a mic input just go into a....ordinary Speaker? or are there like...special amps for that, lol. I was thinking of this: Mic> [some cheapo mic i guess] PreAmp>http://www.feedback.nl/?id=55&b=ATMP Monitor> http://www.feedback.nl/?id=55&b=SEM712 Would this work? and whats the difference between a Speaker and a Monitor? and Actieve and passieve Speakers/Monitors Peace out
  9. i see, thanks And what is the Standbyswitch?? Do you have to active it first to let the tubes warm up a little and then turn the powerswitch on? Or does it do what it says, when taking a break you have to activate the standby switch? it's confusing >__<
  10. lolz, now that's what i mean btw, whats the big difference between Active and (i guess) Passieve EQ's?
  11. http://www.ibanez.co.jp/world/products/ ... e/vbg.html The ibanez Valbee Has any tried it out yet? if so, then how does it sound (well kickass obviously, but i mean can it be reasonable LOUD?). I now own a marshall MG30DFX but its WAY too loud...my volume is like...always on 1 out of 10. So i was thinking of selling my MG and get the Valbee. Also i heard that the distortion channel on the Valbee is WAY too low...will effectpedals set that straight? This just looks like a kickass amp, and i like it because of its size...(comes in handy when i want to gig at a friends, i would be able to put it in my backpack...unlike the MG30DFX x_X)
  12. OF COURSE IT ROCKS! KURDTZ USED IT! *lol* Just kidding there. Personally, I think Jaguars can do any style just as fine....sure, it doesn't have sizzling humbuckers (unless you're talking bout the KC version) but it has quite a distinctive tone that works for lots of style...think Strats...if they can work for Iron Maiden to Weezers, Jags are alot like them imo I think the pedals and amps you use do affect the sound greatly. I use a RAT2 for my main overdrive and when I boost it with a Metal Zone, it's instant metal mayhem (though I don't play so much metal). Ok, thanks for the info I guess that's gonna be my next guitar xD
  13. how about this 1: http://www.ibanez.co.jp/world/country/frame_uk.html The ibanez Valbee. Has any tried it out yet? if yes, then how does it sound. I now own a marshall MG30DFX but its WAY too loud...my volume is like...always on 1 out of 10. So i was thinking of selling my MG and get the Valbee
  14. Hot buttery sex on a leather couch. rofl, sounds good to me. But i mean, could i get some punk out of it (blink182 style tho). I mainly play britrock, but yea...some other styles would be great too
  15. and for all the jag owners: is the jaguar really a rock machine? For example, i have a friend and he's all into metal. Sometimes i come over and we jam (rofl, can you imagine me playing metal with my Epiphone Supernova). I was thinking of gettin a jaguar for a long time now tho and i was wondering if it can suit ANY muscistyle so i can jam with any1 (by the looks of a Jaguar i'd say yes, but i have no clue.) And Yea Palo, that Jaguar looks like seckz. /jaleaous
  16. http://cgi.ebay.com/ZENGAR-Guitar-Jagua ... otohosting
  17. Well, obviously what i said in the subject. How does a Jaguar feel and Play?? I've never got the chance to play on one. It has the same Feel to it as a Mustang? And what do you prefer, a mustang or a jag?
  18. Hi all, I was wondering, wich tuners are, well...the best to put on my mustang? Some Grovers or Klusons. Btw, do all tuners just fit?
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