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  1. k guys need some opinions/help. im looking for my tone. problem is im not sure what im looking for or where to go next. how did you guys find yours. My style is sort of Nirvana/Pumpkins with some metal techniques mixed in. ie palm mutes etc. I am using a Mesa/Boogie F-30 amp with a Jag-Stang (JB bridge and Hotrail neck) but cant stand looking at it anymore. I really like fender guitars but want a thicker sound. Thinking about strat with a Dimarzio super dist. or lace red in bridge. How will this combo help or hurt my style. never tried either pickup. JB is sweet sounding but want a little
  2. guitar world november 2002 has an article about the making of animals. if you can find it.
  3. emg single coils, big muff, some kind of phaser, delay, strat. the muff is how he gets his sustain with long delay. it isn't hard 2 get his sound. guitarsite.com shows his setup. you don't need all of it to hit the sound.
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