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  1. I really like the idea of a dark blue (or dark green) JM with matching headstock. There doesn't seem to be any production model matching this description. So I had been thinking of putting one together using body and neck from a UK builder (guitarbuild.co.uk or gspbasses, or another) and doing the paint job myself. Can I get material quality comparable to eg Fender japan this way? I know that there's no resale value in this route, so let's leave that aside for now. Alternatively I could get a reasonably priced JM (maybe a japanese or a classic player. Maybe even a JMascis squier), and repaint. However this would be a much more time-consuming job than starting with a new body, and if I'm painting the headstock then I guess I'll essentially be removing the logo and a lot of the resale value, even if I put a new decal on. I was planning on adding aftermarket bridge, trem and pickups, so that works in favour of a build (so I'm not wasting money on hardware I'll be ditching). I'm trying to get the best Jazzmaster I can within a budget of about £700-£800 GBP. I'm aware of the low resale value of builds and it's not a major consideration. Any suggestions?
  2. Cheers. I'm hoping that any 'mini pot' will be the right size for the jag. Still find that strange that no one in the country sells the Fender split shaft 1meg pot.
  3. I'm not liking the taper on the volume pot of the lead circuit of my CIJ jaguar, so thought I'd try a different brand, or maybe a linear taper (let's not start a discussion of linear vs log right now). But I can not for the life of me find anyone selling jaguar parts. I ended up getting a 1 meg pot and then realised that the jag pots are tiny and grown up pots won't fit. Any idea where I can get either Fender pots or pots that would fit? I tried all parts, wd music, axesrus, ebay, amazon and came up with nothing.
  4. What I'm unsure about is the position of the pickups & routes. As the jazz pickups are wider than the jag, the new route for the jazz bridge pickup would have to extend RIGHT up to the bridge itself, in order to position the pickup such that its pole pieces were where the pole pieces for the jag pickup were. A similar issue with the neck pickup - extending the route right up to the neck cavity (seems like a bad idea!). So any suggestions as to where to place the pickups that is practically possible, and for the best sound?
  5. From what I've read the pickup routing depth is about 10mm, so that's that question answered. Any thoughts on pickup position?
  6. I thought about it, but it was going to cost a fair bit to ship them to the UK. Also, as fair as I'm aware, the novaks aren't height adjustable? If that's the case, it would bug me.
  7. I've got some jazzmaster pickups on order to put in my CIJ jag. I wanted the jazz pickups with the short scale. Anyone who's done this who can give me any tips? Obviously I'm going to have to route out a bit for the wider pickups, but how deep should I go? Probably not as far down as the original route as the jazzer pickups aren't as deep as the jaguar. Also, any suggestions as to pickup placement? I don't know if the bridge location allows for the jazz bridge pickup to have its pole pieces positioned exactly where the jaguar's would be. Even if it were, perhaps it would sound better a little further from the bridge. Any other pitfalls to consider?
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