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  1. i dont know, i do know that bigsyb'd teles are amazing, and if you bought a hardtailed strat you could toss a bigsby on it.
  2. danelectro!!!!!! how many times need i say it! yes they arent that reliable, but they sound loads better for much cheaper!
  3. whats wrong with fifth chords and improved solos?
  4. i so posted about that......they look amazing though, a grand for a 20watt amp, for bedroom use, i say not. a grand amp, for a driven sound at a recording studio, i say yes.
  5. i highly doubt the starcaster will be re-issued, and mustangs have been imported for over a decadem anywho starcasters look nice, not nice enough to pay huge cash for.
  6. if thats 225 usd, thats a steal. good find though.
  7. is it homemade? from my knowladge his is homemade, but the new fender ri's are pretty cheap, if you're itnerested.
  8. i think clapton got his distortion from his amp overdriveing, or his fuzz boxes. i havent tried the pedal, but my local shop has one, you could find a sustainer pedal if you want to sustain longer.
  9. now mind you, i dont own a jag/jazz so im no expert on the playing subject, but could you be jumping saddle slots?
  10. wrong, hagstroms pwn alot of things. the only thing that hag needs is a burns bigsvy, or a jag tremelo.
  11. id play that, than refinish it in dakota red. since im good like that.
  12. wow, thats pretty neat. looks abit like a kent, might be one though, didnt see the headstock. anyways nice guitar!
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