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  1. Looks good though, I like that light colour. I think KC always thought Daphne Blue was Sonic Blue and just asked for the wrong colour.
  2. Strings still don't line up with the poles in the humbucker though.
  3. Yes it is. Coil splitter is for humbuckers, you would be doing the opposite of a coil split, it would be a coil join. The diagram below is how I rigged my old jag so that when both p/ups are in the off position on the lead circuit, both p/ups will be on in series, effectively making one big humbucker. You will get to keep the strangle switch as a strangle switch this way and the only option you lose is to turn off both the p/ups at once, although I don't know why you would want to do this anyway when you could just turn down the volume on your guitar to achieve the same effect.
  4. Today's date: Fri the sixteenth of November two thousand and seven.
  5. That's because this threads over a year old.
  6. Nah, I can't see them making the sunburst jag's better, wouldn't be very logical would it?
  7. They're ugly pieces of crap made out of thrown together spare parts. I hate them.
  8. If your poop is red you should probably go see a doctor.
  9. When did they start that spec Gav? I'm sure i recently read some specs and they still use basswood for solid colours. My Sunburst and CAR feel and sound very different to each other. I think it was about 2004/5, maybe earlier. That link up there that dude posted confirms that they are all listed as Alder.
  10. Where are you seeing this anyway? I can't find any Fender Japan website and Ishibashi aren't selling any Jag's with b&b anymore.
  11. I've got one of them in OCR (Old Candy Apple Red). They're beautiful guitars. Also, all of the CIJ Jag's are Alder these days. It used to be that they made them from basswood for solid colours and alder for sunburst, but these days they are all alder. Interestingly, that guitar doesn't have F tuners, so it's not the same as mine.
  12. The blue looks way better than the red, makes perfect sense to me.
  13. You look like a thug. You should be in the zoo, you big brute.
  14. You can use the US knobs on a Japanese Jag. I do.
  15. They are probably the ugliest guitar Fender ever produced.
  16. I know you said you didn't wanna buy one, but just buy a Danelectro Bacon n' Eggs. You'll be way better off than spending a long time building a really terrible crappy mini amp of your own.
  17. http://nirvanaclub.com/info/tablature/g ... ermind.txt
  18. Yeah, looking good so far. Robert(original) who posts here is a luthier, so he may be able to help you with technical issues. Also Aug is pretty handy at building bodies, painting etc...
  19. The lock button works fine on my Jap Jag.
  20. Don't think there is a way around it. Unless you wanna put mutes on all of the bands guitars, so's you all sound equally out of tune. Man this thread is old.
  21. Hmm. I've never heard of that not working before.
  22. I had a dream last night that I met Eddie Vedder in a shopping centre. I walked round a corner in the car park and he was right in front of me. I gave him a nod and an "Alright." in recognition, but he got all weirded out about it and started walking away quickly, so I started following him to ask him what was wrong but that just freaked him out more. He looked quite fat and old in my dream as well. Hmmm...
  23. C'mon dude. This was one of the coolest projects ever and you've been holding out on us. Post sound clips etc..
  24. It's a lovely looking guitar. As far as the deal goes, I think you paid about what would be expected. So while it wasn't a good deal, it wasn't bad.
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