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  1. Not at all. There's a variety of single-coil pickups (like the P-90's) which can not be replicated yet. BTW, splitted humbuckers still are way too easy to play with (no hum or scratchy noises). Maybe that's why single pickups are still in the market. For guitar masochists like me. Sorry for the poor english.
  2. The top is not really walnut... It's from a brazilian wood named Imbuia. It looks amazing. Sounds great, too. Turns the sound of mahogany guitars (for example) way brighter. After the pieces of brazilian rosewood (jacaranda) arrive at Aug's house, I might ship him a few Imbuia pieces or anything like that.
  3. That's only 'cause it's got humbuckers on (in? I'm always messing with these terms) it. Die, humbuckers. DIE. Why you so against humbuckers nietz? I like both but i will say a classy PAF hunbucker is a hard sound to beat. It's way too easy to get great sounds from humbuckers and it kinda annoys me. I like the challenge of making single coil pickups sound great. They're hard to deal with, just like that vile woman who tortures your heart, but you love her so badly...
  4. That's only 'cause it's got humbuckers on (in? I'm always messing with these terms) it. Die, humbuckers. DIE.
  5. Weird, the pickups are too trebley, maybe? Just guessing...
  6. https://www.auctionnetworklive.com/serv ... mbNails=on
  7. Yes. I think this is gonna help you:
  8. The only reason why you should not install a humbucker in your guitar is 'cause humbuckers SUCK ASS. [Polemic post mode: ON]
  9. Well, I do not know if there's any problem using a Tele/Strat case for a Mustang. If not, just buy one on eBay. http://cgi.ebay.com/FENDER-DELUXE-CASE- ... 638Q2em123 Or something like that.
  10. Well, I believe 500k is the standard pot for guitars with humbucker pickups. So, thats the way Hot Rails should actually sound.
  11. Hey guys, long time no see. Where are Aug and Shad? I'll start with my dream project of a 70's Mustang. As old guitars are incredibly expensive here in Brazil, I'll build one on my very own. Does anyone have any idea of where can I find accurate measures and templates of the Mustang body? Thanks a lot.
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