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  1. I love the sound of my jag through my Fender Vibroverb, so I'd recommend that
  2. yeah all the jags i have seen of his are fully stock. he only owns the fiesta red one now (which anthony bought him when he rejoined th peppers)...the rest of them were lost in his house fire/sold for drugs.
  3. Frusciante: Blixa Bargeld (back when he was in The Bad Seeds) recording at Abbey Road
  4. sure Rick no problem I have a larger version, that one got resized by photobucket. PM me if youd like me to send it
  5. heres a pic my my jag and my amp (as well as my old beat up strat behind it) taken yesterday before i went out to jam with some people...
  6. wow, nice jag. I hope my reissue looks something like that in a few years welcome to the boards
  7. mmmmm thanks for that! I think ill go with Ishibashi this time again, as I am very happy with my 3TS, but that's very cool. I wonder if they have Fiesta Red....I'll have to email them....does anyone here have a fiesta red Jag?
  8. wow.....MIM strats are horribly overpriced where you are.... my first electric was a MIM Strat, left-handed, which cost $379 canadian, and it actually sounds great. very nice low-action, nice sounding neck pickup and a nice feeling fretboard..... regarding the jag bridge, I replaced mine with a mustang one, and it's great. I'd recommend that, unless you get the TOM working
  9. not very exciting, I know, but this is what im thinking of getting for my next jag...either fiesta red or LPB....i guess I should probably check if Ishibashi has lefty Jags in these colors first p.s. i know that sometimes photobucket doesnt show pics....not my fault though
  10. haha i think they are selling that at starbucks here. either way i thought I saw a jaguar on the cover, I wasnt sure though. haha cool pic
  11. cool, that might be useful once i get my mustang. I was thinking about doing something similar to what you did, with the white pickguard... except im curious how easy/hard it will be to hunt down a left-handed pickguard and black PU covers (for a decent price at least)
  12. yeah thats a little high. use the little allen key you have, and turn the screws in the two posts counter-clockwise as much as you want until you have it at a level thats good for you, and your frets arent buzzing
  13. I cant give you advice on all that, but here's what i can say: 1. the bridge is an easy drop in install (unless you bought the saddles only..which means you have to take out the jag saddles and replace them with the mustang saddles, which is what I did.) Saddle replacement can be a bit of a tedious job, but once you get it, its an easy, moderately quick install. 2. Strings. Go for whatever gauge you like. I use EXL110s on my Jag, and they are just right. If you go for a heavier gauge, they will not slip as much on the Jags saddles (and therefore possibly cause you to re-think replacing them
  14. i cant tell from pics if the SJAG1s are flat or staggered? thanks
  15. now that is messed up... i have to admit that on my jag,the strings are tighter than on my strat, but nothing like what you say happens... check frets like they said...ive never in my life seen a string snap like that....it was always near the bridge on my strat, and at the ball on my jag...
  16. hmm....thats interesting...I don't know if i'd play it....but then again that depends on how it sounds. thanks for posting
  17. here's my jaguar CIJ with my Vibroverb (oh,and a Small Stone)
  18. ive tried that tuning in the past.. now that i have two guitars, i have my jag tuned normally, and my strat tuned to CGCGGC. try that one too
  19. 97,000 YEN shipped (thats about $863 US today) Canada customs ended up taking $125 CDN for duty+tax
  20. email ishibashi (http://www.ishibashi.co.jp/) and just tell them what youre interested in. they'll get back to you with a quote and will answer any question you have regarding their guitars... I got my Jaguar from them
  21. here's my strat..which has endured 10 years of playing so far....and my jazz bass the amp you (partially) see is a Fender Vibroverb reissue which ive had for about 9 years now... my acoustic that you can see behind my bass is a Simon and Patrick Luthier. I'm adding a Jaguar to this collection this fall (along with a new house)
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