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  1. I recently bought a MIM Jaguar Special HH. Its a cool guitar with good tone and i'm happy with it except for two things: - The strings behind the bridge buzz but i've ordered a Buzzstop so i hope this works. Any opinions on this? - I'd like to replace one of the Humbuckers to have the option of a more solid rock (even metal) sound. Any suggestions for this change? thanks for your help
  2. I've got an original issue Jagstang and really happy with it overall. 2 questions i have: - i want to replace the single coil as it's not that great. any suggestions for a single coil that suits the guitar? - i love the song of the humbucker. i'm not sure why others don;t like it as i seem to be able to get a really big rock and metal tone out of it with my Blackstar metal HT5. Can anyone tell me what sort of humbucker it is. I'd like to put one in a Jaguar Special HH MIM that i just got. It's a lovely guitar but the humbucker sounds are too muddy for my liking. I'd like to keep one of the originals and replace the other with a jagstang humbucker so i can get a big variety in tone. I've heard that most people want to change the humbucker in the jagstang and i never know why. Although, if you're got another suggestion for a humbucker for the Jaguar HH i'd be happy to hear about it thanks
  3. I've got an original issue Jagstang and really happy with it overall. One thing i'd like help with: When I play it hard the bridge drops gradually and the guitar goes out of tune over time. this seems to happen only on the high string side. the heavy strings are fine but the overall change in the bridge outs all the strings slightly out of tune. If i play for long enough the high strings drop down to the fretboard. is there a simple fix for this? i don't mind the bridge and don't get any of the other problems that I've read about so i'd prefer not to get a new bridge. thanks
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