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  1. it was fairly vague, but think about it, your trem arm is falling out because the hole you put it in doesnt clamp the trem arm or grab it. and also the hole must not be tight anuff. so if i say tape it up , i would think it would be fairly easy to figure out what i ment.
  2. well sort it out yourself then mr know'it'all.
  3. i was only jestin with the n00b. didnt think anyone else would fail to spot my tr00 banter
  4. sorry man you fell into my trap , i was just jokeing with that dude, iam a fan of sy too. and that golden blue song is one of my favs. sorry for pullin your leg dudes.
  5. like i said in the other thread i was gonna go for this, but realised i couldnt afford it and went for a moogerfooger ring mod instead. if i had got it i may have leaft it as is, i think it looks well kool from the pics. if you do refinnish remember halfords is your freind
  6. Seen that. Was considering making a similar post. Back on now. ---------------- J Mascis is a fine player. He has a fully stickered burst Jazzy too. Wacky. that jazz ah ha are playing looks yellow
  7. i dont meen to be on your case in this thread ttorresd but are you female? if not your talkin hella gay. again sorry in advance.
  8. i checked this sonics yout band and i think there sound is too harsh for my tastes. and i dont think that girl can sing and its just noise really. but thanks for telling me about them anyway.
  9. 80's and 90's they actually put out a new album...they always have a jag or jazzmaster http://www.sonicyouth.com thanks man i will check them out, they sond kool.
  10. sonic youth ? are they from the 60/70s too ? were can i check it?
  11. thanks for letting me know, your a mind full of information.
  12. http://youtube.com/watch?v=jGWA4WDgMPo old jag. see it aint just for teh kurdlolz
  13. you dont need a brain when you have google
  14. could be penciled dates on the pots and pickups. on some strats ive seen a penciled date in the pickup route. i would say 1960 would be your best bet on that guitar. sometimes you mite see a neck stamp alot younger than everything else on the guitar. but your neck is 1960 and so is the plate, and that would be screwed on when the guitar was getting put together ready to sell. so yeah go with 1960 but have a look round the rest of the guitar too.
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