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  1. some idiot usually way over prices them on ebay, lol
  2. lol she's a better bass player than me so i cant complain
  3. 1) I have a Jagstang 2) Plays Great 3) 200 cheaper than mustang 4) both relativly the same electronics except jagstangs have buckers aswell as singles 5) Only thing Jagstangs dont come with snazzy pickup covers Whatever...
  4. i've never really had tuning problems with my stang, it always stays in tune *touch wood* i dont know others but mines fine so there's no need to lock
  5. it's all cool, i've sorted it outi moved the spring up and it stopped it moving
  6. just the same, the left spring is alot loose than the right, do you think i should just lock the tail piece?
  7. so i was re-stringing my jag before, once it was done there was a terrible noise and i was like wtf? it's never happened before so i checked everything turns out it's the tail piece making the noise. It was vibrating like hell and making that noise when i touched it to keep it sturdy it stopped. So i took the strings off and the right hand side doesn't move and the other side does...any ideas whats wrong? and how to correct it?
  8. I would only use that to throw it about and into the crowd in a gig
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