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  1. i will soon upload a video just as i did with my tele.
  2. hey buddy, do you have a youtube account??????????
  3. yep american cyclone, i didnt know they made these until like a year ago.
  4. so hows the weather in australia? Sunny no doubt (he says bitterly as it pours down in Scotland) scotland what a great country with alot of history. its freakin cold here.
  5. was think about dropping in a dimarzio super distortion for tele but the bridge pickup sound too good and it sound sweet on slide too
  6. Yes please ok here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-Ftmr_w_XU
  7. very cool. im not sure if i like the reverse headstock thing but it doesnt matter what i like, its your guitar and i bet you will have a fun time with it.
  8. wow just did a straight up trade for a fender tele 2006 for my $50 yamaha keyboard. will post pics tomorrow i promise. my question is - are mim teles routed for a bridge humbucker???????????????????????????????/
  9. well ive never played a cyclone2 but the bronco was muddy sounding, really dark and heavy. the neck hum was actually allmost touching the neck. the bridge hum was angled and the midlle and neck were straight no there was not a whole lot of room left of the pickguard. lol. i will try to dig up a pic. i might have some on my parents pc
  10. You have any pics of your old Bronco,would love to see it with 3 humbuckers. What year was yours,mines a 68. nope dont have any pics. of it i can find but it was a late 70's maybe 79
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