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  1. Thanks WTR! I have similar feelings about your Bronco. It's incredible. It was really nice here the other day so I took my first shots of my sunburst Maverick body in natural light. <3
  2. Vintage Duo-Sonics usually sell for about twice as much as vintage Music Masters of equivalent year. Yes they're the same aside from the pickup and Mustang switches. Music Masters were even routed and shielded the same as the Duo-Sonics into the mid 70s. There are less Duos on eBay because there were less made. If you're talking about the 90s Squier Music Masters vs the 90s Fender and Squier Duo-Sonic reissues or the newer Squier Classic Vibe Duo-Sonic the reason that the MMs sell for more is that they were made in Japan as part of the Squier Vista Series and are higher quality than the Duo-Sonic reissues. The Squier MMs are scarce though, there are way more Duo reissues kicking about.
  3. WHOA yours is clean! Very nice. Even though I like my sunburst body way more I don't want to get rid of the blue one for now. Despite it not being used it is original to all the other parts and I think it would be a shame to permanently separate it from the rest after over 40 years. If I change my mind I'll certainly let you know though. Nice to see another Maverick/Custom owner that loves theirs. Mine is hands down my favorite guitar I've EVER owned. Out of curiosity, is yours nitro or poly finished? And does your neck have a cut and shortened Electric XII headstock or is it one of the later purpose built ones? Mine has one of the purpose built necks and although I was under the impression that they were all poly finished, my original finish body is definitely nitro.
  4. Easy, my 1969 Fender Maverick.
  5. Very nice collection. Any chance we can see a pic or two of that Custom? I have a 69 Maverick. It had a body only refinish in Ice Blue Metallic but I just got an original finish body for it the other day. Here's my Maverick before I got the new body... and after...
  6. The ones I own currently are in bold. Electrics: Fender Jazzmaster(MIJ, CAR) Fender Jaguar(MIJ, CAR) Fender Mustang Reissue(CIJ, Competition Blue) Fender Mustang Reissue(CIJ, Sonic Blue) Fender Mustang 65 Reissue (Dakota Red) Fender AVRI Jazzmaster(Sunburst) 1973 Guild S100(brown) 1978 Fender Bronco(Surf Green, bitch) 1972 Fender Musicmaster(White, finish partially sanded off, bridge pickup added) 1993 Gibson Les Paul Studio(Trans Red) 2003 Gibson SG Special(Worn Cherry) 2004 Gibson SG Special(Worn Brown) Eastwood Airline Reissue 197(?) Hagstrom Swede(Made in Sweden, Black) 197(?) Univox Les Paul Copy(Black) Epiphone Les Paul Special II Fender Telecaster Standard(MIM, Midnight Wine) Fender Stratocaster Standard(MIM, Midnight Wine) Fender Highway One Stratocaster(Black) Fender Cyclone(MIM, Sunburst) Epiphone Dot(Sunburst) Ibanez Artcore AFS75T(Trans Red) Parts Jazzmaster(Aenmaster, green) Fender Jazzmaster(AVRI, black) 1966 Fender Jaguar(Sunburst) Univox Les Paul copy(natural) Fender Mustang assembled from vintage parts of varying years 1969 Fender Maverick(IBM refinish) 1982 Fender Telecaster Elite A couple Squier Strats that were given to me I may add more to this later, as I'm sure I've forgotten some. Acoustics: Some old Harmony, unsure what model Some old Epiphone, unsure what model This ugly Fender parlor acoustic in like a Macaroni and Cheese transparent color with a quilted top and only a spaghetti style "F" inlay at the 12th fret. Very ugly with the exception of the fretboard. Martin DX1 Basses: Fender Standard Jazz Bass(MIM, sunburst) Lotus P-Bass copy(Pearl White) Epiphone Allen Woody Signature(Trans Red)
  7. My local head shop was selling cheap ass Telecaster and Stratocaster copies with built in smoking devices years ago. Yawn. And no that's not a Fender. It's a Reverend.
  8. Thanks man. I sold the sunburst 1966 Jaguar I had to buy it a few months ago. A Maverick has been my ultimate dream guitar since I first learned they existed in the early 2000s. I still can't believe I both a)came across one for sale, and b)was able to move other gear quick enough to make it happen. Luckily my Jag was my friends #1 dream guitar and he jumped on it as soon as I told him I was selling.
  9. Rich that is one hot Maverick you got there. Thanks! It's a '69. The body has obviously been refinished(all Mavericks/Customs had sunburst fronts and black backs) and the screws that hold the G string tuner in place have been replaced but otherwise it's all original. The volume pot is ####e. It basically goes from "10" directly to "0". I may replace it for functionality since the guitar has already been tampered with. It's my #1 and I'll never sell it.
  10. Recently traded my mostly vintage parts Mustang for this 1982 Telecaster Elite.
  11. Although there are many I lust after, I already own my #1 dream guitar- 1969 Fender Maverick.
  12. Just sold my original 66 Jaguar to buy my dream guitar- a 1969 Fender Maverick. Unfortunately mine has a body only refinish in Ice Blue Metallic.
  13. Yeah they're ugly but that's what's appealing to me too. That bound neck with the angled heel is rad. These are GREAT quality guitars.
  14. +1. It's nice to finally encounter the owner. I've LOVED that guitar for years!
  15. Just got this mostly vintage parts Mustang from a guy on shortscale. It's a 73 body and a 78 Bronco neck with mid sixties trem, control plate and pickguard. Electronics are newer. It's a little greener irl than it appears in pictures.
  16. Nah, I don't care for them but Teles and Strats are what sells. They may have sold a bunch when they came out, but if Jag-Stangs, Cyclones and Toronados were still profitable they wouldn't have discontinued them. Do you really think that a massive company like Fender is just taking shots in the dark with things they release and don't have sales data to back up their decisions?
  17. Oh I'm sure they do(Telemaster is a good example), then they realize that it's not worth their time to build. Guitars like this, while awesome as one off projects, simply do not have a big enough market to be profitable enough for Fender to mass produce. I like the design, though.
  18. No they didn't. There were a few pre production Jazzmasters that had black pickup covers but once they started official production in late 1958 they were all white.
  19. Thanks for the compliments everyone! Haha thanks Fran. I wouldn't feel like my thread was complete if you didn't pitch a tent. Yeah I'm really happy to have the original case but I think I'm going to buy an aftermarket one for it. If I carry this thing around in the vintage Fender case I may as well stencil a target or crosshairs on it too.
  20. Well, on Wednesday. I had to drive 5 hours each way to pick it up but it was worth it to see/play it before buying. It's a 66. Almost all original. Only two slider switches replaced. Original mute, trem arm, and case. <3
  21. Cheers. I just traded my 73 Guild S100 for an AVRI Jazzmaster in black, so I have two JMs again. I immediately replaced the Strat style knobs with soms Bronco knobs I had around.
  22. Yeah. it used to be Aen's. He traded it to an offsetguitars member and I got it from him. It now has AVRI tort:
  23. I've owned three Jazzmasters. These are the two I no longer own, a CAR Japanese reissue and a Sunburst AVRI. This is the partsmaster I just acquired. It's a custom body built by robert(og) with a Highway 1 Strat neck and Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders(I think). This one is getting overhauled soon. It's getting a new neck and a new pickguard along with a rhythm circuit.
  24. The 65s are much more vintage accurate than the 69 reissues. White button tuners, poplar bodies, better pickups that sound closer to the vintage ones, and sheilding plates in the pickup cavities rather than the black sheilding paint. They are better sounding guitars than the 69 reissues.
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