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  1. So I currently own a 76' natural fender mustang and it feels awesome I love the neck and everything but I really wish it was Dakota red. I don't want to commit the sin of refinishing it but I do wonder if I could drop all the hardware and neck into a different body? If I were to do this would it fit in any fender mustang body? Thanks in advance!
  2. Those look great, but I don't want to put any pups in that don't have the plastic cover like original mustang pups.
  3. Hello, I am looking to upgrade the pickups in my 1976 fender mustang, I love how it plays and wouldn't trade it for anything but I'm not entirely satisfied with the original pickups. I play almost entirely rhythm, and am looking for something that'll make the chords shine with highs and lows and give me the power I need for twangy riffs. Really I would like anyone who's changed their mustang's pickups to give their opinion of what brands and models I should think about. I want them to have the same plastic covers and I'm not afraid to pay for high end. I play rockabilly style music wi
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