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  1. I have heard that the AVRI Jag tailpiece assemblies are higher quality than the stock CP units? Are they interchangeable? If so, can I switch the screw in collet for the bar from the CP over to the AVRI? I do prefer the CP screw in unit over the AVRI. Better yet (for me) is the improved pop in unit from the Johnny Marr signature Jag. Could I put the Johnny Marr collet on an AVRI unit and then install it on my CP Jag (I like the trem lock on the AVRI)?
  2. You are correct! I was mixing up your reference to the H3 pickups with the old DiMarzio HS-3 Yngwie Malmsteen PUPs. Malmsteen jumped ship to Duncans years ago, so I kind of forgot the exact model number. It was the only Dimarzio pup that I could think of that starts with an "H". I had never heard of the H3 until you provided that link...thanks!
  3. I used to have a Jagstang when they first come out back in the 90's. I put a Duncan Screamin' Demon in the bridge and a Duncan Hot Strat Stack in the neck and it sounded much better than it did with the stock pups. I think part of the improvement was a change to 500k pots. The stock wiring uses 250k pots, which don't let as much high end through as 500k pots and that guitar was naturally a little muddy sounding at high gain because of the short scale length and basswood body. I just bought a Cobain Mustang with a Duncan JB, which reminds me a lot of the sound of my old Jagstang with the stock PUPs. I am also looking to replace the PUPS on the Mustang. I sent an email to Duncan and they recommended the ALNICO 2 Custom/Custom, but I am also considering the Screamin' Demon and the 59/Custom Hybrid. That has one ceramic magnet and one ALNICO 5 magnet. I am thinking the ceramic magnet will tighten up the tone a bit, while the ALNICO 5 will add some vintage flavor without getting too muddy. I have a CP Jag HH with ceramic PUPS and it sounds much better than the KC Mustang to my ears. I am a bit wary that the ALNICO 2 loaded Custom/Custom will still be too muddy.
  4. I have a Classic Player Jaguar HH. I know that the tuners are cheaper replicas of the vintage style tuners that are used on the American Vintage, USA Relics and Custom Shop models, even though they look identical. However, what about the import Jag Bridges and tailpieces? Are they also a poor mans version of the real deal? I noticed a very annoying resonating tone emanating from my tailpiece that could only be cured by wedging a piece of foam under the strings near the stop tail piece and was wondering if the USA version would be any better or of higher quality? For example, I know that the Mexican Standard Strat vibrato bridges and tremolo blocks are not made of the same high quality materials as the USA versions and was wondering if this was also the case with Jag and JM bridges and tail pieces?
  5. or...could the string slots be filed a little deeper on the outer strings?
  6. Alternately, in lieu of shimming the inner saddles, could the base of the outer saddles be filed down to better match the 9.5" radius?
  7. The Fender Adjustomatic is 9.5" radius and would be closest to the 7.25" radius on a Mustang. I have a Kurt Cobain Mustang with this bridge and both of the E strings are just a bit high because of the mismatched radii. I was wondering if the inner saddles could be shimmed in some way to raise he inner strings up to match both of the E strings, then the entire bridge could be lowered to bring the action back down? Has anybody ever tried this?
  8. Isn't a Dimarzio H3 a stacked Strat style single coil voiced humbucker style pickup like what Yngwie Malmsteen used back in the day? I don't think it was a traditional style humbucker like what you find on a Jag-Stang? I always thought the Jag-Stang used a Dimarzio Super Distortion or Duncan JB clone? Aren't those what Kur Cobain used in his Jaguar and Jag-Stang?
  9. The bridge position Seymour Duncan JB in my Fender Kurt Cobain Mustang is dark, muddy, undefined and compressed. I cannot currently get a satisfactory bright, cutting, crunchy overrdriven sound from this PUP. It sounds as if the tone control is rolled down, even though it is dimed! Does anybody know whether the stock KC Mustang volume and tone pots are 500k or 250k? Normally, a Duncan JB would use 500k pots, while the Fender single coil in the neck position would use 250K pots. If Fender compromised and used 250k pots all around, wouldn't some high end be rolled off the JB? I suspect that is the case with this guitar. Conversely, if they are 250k pots and I swapped them for 500k pots to improve the sound of the JB, wouldn't the Fender single coil in the neck be potentially harsh and overly bright? If so,I could swap it out for a stacked single coil that works best with 500k pots.
  10. I just bought a used Fiesta Red KC Mustang. The bridge position Seymour Duncan JB humbucker is very dark, muddy, undefined and compressed. It sounds as if the tone control is rolled back, even though it is dimed! I am thinking of changing it out, but am not sure whether to get a PUP with regular pole piece spacing or a wider Fender spaced trembucker PUP. The bridge is Fender's version of a Gibson Tune-O-matic and I am not sure if it is Fender or Gibson spaced? The PUP cavity route is very tight, so I assume that if the current PUP is regular spaced, then a Trembucker will not fit?
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