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  1. Has anybody done any modification of the Rhythm Circuit on their Jazzmasters? It seems in this day and age that it is a wasted piece of hardware on the guitar. What about turning it into something useful, like a preamp booster, or midrange or bass boost to affect both pickups, rather than switch over to the neck pup, it would engage both and add something to the sound. Any ideas out there?
  2. For a few sheckels more, try either the American Vintage series Jazzmaster, or for even a few more $$, try a Custom Shop Relic Jazzmaster. I have a Stratocaster in each of those catagories and I love the instruments! The Strat is a '59 reissue, very accurate to 1959 specs. The Custom shop Strat is a 1960, and it doesn't need any modifications. I have owned it 3 years, play on a cruise ship, and this guitar turns heads and is so very versatile it fits everything I need to do. Oh, you did ask about Jazzmaster, didn't you? Check out the American Vintage series and if not, then the Custom Shop series.
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