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  1. Hi folks, if you've tried searching for the official Fender Wiring Diagrams for the KC Mustang and Jag-Stang, you've probably come up short. I contacted Fender recently, asked for the diagrams on their end and they delivered! The Jag-Stang one looks hand drawn, but it's indeed the official Fender one! Sadly, these are sparse on Part Numbers for the whole guitars compared to other diagrams, but I digress. Here are the goods: http://imgur.com/a/7gpz3
  2. Hi there, folks! I'm working on sussing out a NOS Re-Issue Jag-Stang from MIRC I just got in. The story on this crazy find will follow with photos etc. in a future post. For now, I noticed there are some specs that are difficult to come across and I'm hoping this post is a start in changing that. 1. What is the Radius of the Jag-Stang Bridge? Is it simply a Mustang Bridge? We know the neck is 7.25" but I'd like to have on record whether the Jag-Stang's stock bridge is 7.25" like a Mustang or 9.5" like a Jaguar/Jazzmaster. 2. What is the Radius of the Adjust-O-Matic bridge on the current production Fender Kurt Cobain Mustang? We know Kurt's actual Mustangs they based this off of had TOMs that did not match the 7.25" radius of the neck. So, for this production recreation, is the AOM's radius 7.25", 9.5," or the 12"? Thanks everyone!
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