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  1. I have chosen to go with a Bare Knuckle Nailbomb in the bridge to start with, just unsure to go with 280k or 550k pots with a .22 cap.
  2. Just picked up a 96' Sonic Blue Fender Jag-Stang and I naturally want to upgrade the stock pups as I do with all my guitars. I am a bit perplexed however as I favor p90's the majority of the time. My Jazzmaster has Duncan Antiquity II's that are perfect for it, my Jaguar has Bareknuckle Stockholm's that are dark and perfect for it, My Fender Super-Sonic has a Duncan Phatcat in the neck and a Bareknuckle Supermassive HSP (humbucker sized p90) and it is magical. I like Duncan and see that most people do the Duncan JB upgrade, but I am torn as I have a bit more love for the Bareknuckle pups and t
  3. I would think a Supermassive Humbucker style p90 would sound sick as hell in a Jag-Stang. That may be the route I go with mine.
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