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  1. That guitar isn't a reissue of anything. But yep.
  2. These are Hagstrom HIINs. The ones on the left and right are technically HIIN OT (the OT means 'without tremar' - they have stop-tailpieces). Mark Arm famously plays a Hagstrom IIIs, including a sunburst III with a filtertron in the neck position.
  3. Switch cuts the clipping diodes out of the circuit- makes everything sound louder and more open.
  4. Fanks! I do indeed poast mostly on Shortscale, but look at my posts on here... 3000!! Kerr-azzy. It takes a special kind of guitarist to rock a gingham pedal
  5. I make nice Harmonic Percolators covered in gingham. They look extra fancy. Sold out the current batch, but get in touch if you'd like one of the next lot. Demos on youtube, just search 'Fredric Effects'. These ones
  6. Placebo are a terrible cheesy band fronted by a slimy goblin. Bush are terrible cheesy second-wave pretend grungers. Want me to do any more? Green Day? Silverchair?... no?
  7. Correct, but the fact that rehearsal studios use them must mean they're pretty reliable. I'd sooner use an Orange than the solid-state Marshall or Peavy crap some studios use.
  8. Vox and Oranges sound similar to me, just from the stuff I've had to use in rehearsal rooms. Not keen on any of that though- I like my amp to be as clean as possible with plenty of headroom.
  9. I prefer the amp I've got, obviously. It'a mid-seventies silver face twin. These amps and Jags/Jazz0rs love each other. This is what I'd get if I had unlimited space, bigger volvo, played large venues regularly. Fender Super Six... 6x10" nice!
  10. Half the fun of a Jazzer or Jag is plinking the strings behind the bridge.
  11. Get a mustang bridge, fit 10s (Jazzor) or 11s (Jag) and you won't need a horrid ugly buzzstop.
  12. Why did I think from the title that this'd just be a big picture of Brian Molko or guy from Bush?
  13. You won't use the low-cut on a jag if you get one. Jags and Jazzers have similar tonal charactaristics- plinky surfiness, lack of sustain. Jag has marginally less sustain due to shorter scale length. Jag pickups are brighter, Jazz0r pickups are warmer. Jazzmasters are more versatile. People only buy Jaguars because of all the cool chrome (or stainless steel, if you're going japanese).
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