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  1. one thing i know is that Pat Smear plays this guitar in the time of Nirvana.

    i really like this guitar because of the shape and color.

    i don't know what the exact name is of this guitar.


    These are Hagstrom HIINs. The ones on the left and right are technically HIIN OT (the OT means 'without tremar' - they have stop-tailpieces).

    Mark Arm famously plays a Hagstrom IIIs, including a sunburst III with a filtertron in the neck position.

  2. You won't use the low-cut on a jag if you get one.

    Jags and Jazzers have similar tonal charactaristics- plinky surfiness, lack of sustain. Jag has marginally less sustain due to shorter scale length.

    Jag pickups are brighter, Jazz0r pickups are warmer.

    Jazzmasters are more versatile. People only buy Jaguars because of all the cool chrome (or stainless steel, if you're going japanese).

  3. Finally, there is some progress. The GK socket is safely embedded in the side of the geetar and the mounting largely hidden with filler. The body was such a basket case when I started that I had no guilt about some serious routing and filling. This said, some of the body-join lines on the back remain (it's an eight-piece body, haha!)

    So, it's a seafoam green nitro finish. I'm not sure I fancy clearcoating it, but we'll see. The mint duo pickguard is there to give an impression of the final colour scheme. I still need to get a hag one cut by that nice Dazbootman fella.



  4. You can make an invisible mod to do something similar:

    Add a stereo jack to your guitar in place of the existing one, wire the rhythm circuit to one output, the lead circuit to the other. Use a stereo 1/4" lead down to a box at your feet. Have cool switching options in the box you can thwack with your foot. Add two outputs the the box, on for lead, one for rhythm, run them into different amps.

    Hell, I might even do this with my next guitar.

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