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  1. Okay, that's not the end of the world is it? If it bugs me I'll change it later.
  2. I've got tons of the buggers lying around, all either 250 or 500k. However, I'm about to find out what happens when I use an audio taper ( 50k pot when the schematic asks for a linear (a) pot on my roland synth thingy. My guess is... not much difference.
  3. Okay, listen. 1. No-one needs both mustang-style saddles and a buzzstop. Leave the buzzstop off, or you shag grannies. 2. Your neck pickup is hotter than your bridge pup. Considerably. These will not sound good together in these positions, in fact the levels won't balance at all.
  4. Gosh this is an old post isn't it? A japanese jazzmaster is in no way comparable to an AV reissue. Spend double, whatever, it's always going to be worth it.
  5. I've always liked mint pickguards on olympic white, but for vintage white you've only really got some sort of tort guard (the japanese ones are typically too red) or black for that seventies look.
  6. Obligatory Robroe-style guitars on bed shot: Not pictured are an AV Jazzmaster, Danelectro DC-3 and a basket-case red Hagstrom I.
  7. Okay, they look dorky. My main complaint about them is that some of the coolest sounds you can get from the jaguar and jazzer are from playing behind the bridge. The buzzstop nixes that, which is totally bogus.
  8. Seymour Duncan would have already done that for him.
  9. Rocktron do those plastic pedals you can get for
  10. Some sort of noise gate seems to be in order.
  11. 11s on Jaguar, Hagstroms, Duosonic 10s on Jazzmasters, Stacey's tele 13s? Are you mad?
  12. My japanese Jazzmaster feels like it's been plastic-coated sonic blue. That I do not dig. Rick's right about that. Aside from this though, it's really quite playable and sounds like, well, a cheap Jazzmaster. Which. um. it is.
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