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  1. I honestly can't say I really notice a difference in tone, sustain, staying in tune from a Tune-O-Matic or Mustang bridge. But I'm definitely enjoying being able to adjust the action and radius without undoing all the strings, removing the bridge, guessing at an arbitrary screw height and putting it all back together to see if maybe I got it right. That alone offers me no regrets.
  2. So, this is my project guitar. Bought last year's Made in Mexico Fender Special Edition HH Jazzmaster in Opal White. Somewhere's about $550 retail. These guitars ARE NOT anyhwere at the same quality as the MIM Classic Players, Road Worn or 60s Lacquer models. The wood is super light, and pickups were like, chrome painted, toy pickups. An absolutely gorgeous Jazzmaster that I deigned to make sound and play great. So far, I have added a Mastery Bridge, and just this week replaced the pickups with a Seymour Duncan 59 in the neck (love that Jimmy Page tone) and a DiMarzio Super Distortion in
  3. Long, long ago, I owned a 1968 (i think, it had block inlays) Jaguar, and one thing I remember loving about it was that the trem-arm (or whammy bar) had no thread. It just kinda pop/snapped into place and stayed there and popped out when you pulled it out. Easy-peasy lemon squeezey. After not owning an offset guitar for many years, I recently purchased an MIM Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster. I almost immediately noticed that the trem-arm is threaded, and needed to be screwed in, like a Stratocaster trem-arm. My question: Can anyone with a true vintage Jazzmaster tell me if this was
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