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  1. Ive decided that i want to drop my guitar down a bit. Its a strat copy ive moded and at the moment it has 10s on it but i want to put a set of strings on it that will work well with drop d and drop c but i dont know what to use also if my guitar will need any major ajustments. Thanks josh
  2. Hey everyone, just wondering if any one could tell me some cheap-ish really fuzzy pedals, cus id love to check them out. Also whats you fav band, mines sonic youth.
  3. I was wondering if anyone has used a big white monkey (fuzz pedal), and what were your thoughts? Thanks.
  4. I was listening to she-riff on the recovery show in 1998, and the guy playing a mustang (dont know his name) had a cool fuzz or something and was wondering if anyone knew what it was. Thanks.
  5. Was wondering if people know if a jaguar pick up would fit in my strat. Also can people tell me if the SX strat copys are crap or not? Thanks
  6. Ive been playing guitar for about a year and i have been using a strat copy. Whats better for me, jazzmaster, jaguar or mustang. Also did tad mod his jazzmaster?
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