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  1. Looks really good, now just get a red pick guard, change the neck pick up cover white and you'll have a rose land ballroom kc mustang. I got a sonic blue one in the mail I'm doing the same way Thursday. That is if my Mexican classic player jaguar adjusto matic bridge is a perfect fit.
  2. 85 bucks? Damn I haunt pawnshops all the time looking for something like this, great find.
  3. The mustang's old bridge pickup had a black and white wire only, with the white being hot I think. The JB jr. has Black, Green, Red, White, and Bare.....what color wire do I solder where the white wire used to be, and what color do I solder where the black wire was? And what do I do with the other wires?
  4. d--4-4-4-4/7-------------------- a--4-4-4-4/7-0------------------ e--2-2-0-2/5-0----------------- INTRO d--4-4-------------------------- a--4-4-------------------------- e--2-2-0-2-/5-0----------------- When Bass/ drums start thats how I play it
  5. Definately go eBay, if you dont see what your looking for right away, dont worry a lake placid Comp. will show up soon, just have patience.
  6. Just got a jb jr.wondering where each wire gets soldered, maybe someone has a diagram or something, or could make one out for me.....remember I am wiring illiterate so explain the best u can, thanks.
  7. I just got my mustang and set it up using the info provided by this wonderful site, any tips for a new mustang owner? Oh and what kind of strings should be used on a mustang?
  8. I got a 69' RI Fender Mustang I got off ebay > http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... Y.m238.lVI ...... that should arrive Friday and I was wondering...will a Fender LSR roller nut with measurements 1 11/16 inches x 3/16 inches fit a a mustang neck? I mean is it the same size nut and will it work? I plan on getting a Red tortouise shell pickguard, roller string trees, white SD JB jr. in the bridge, and possibly locking the tremelo down, but I cant really understand how to do that....but I will eventually when I study my new prized possession when it gets here Friday. Thanks in advance!
  9. Does anyone know how much that would cost to install the block inlays in a Mustang neck? Can anyone on this forum do it? If so How much?
  10. would look cooler with red or mop pickguard, bet whoever wins is gonna get that sansamp cheap
  11. Hey Rich, where did you get that neck? Warmoth?? Price range?
  12. Looks butchered....ok though.
  13. SONIC BLUE w/Contours 65' Daphne Looks awesome, but I dont dig a body with no curves babyy...lol
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