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  1. robert(original) was right; most of you are just gear-fanatics who can't play that well. It's my fault for asking this question here. bye. 35 years playing in all types of semi pro bands - I think I qualify as a player - Got a 65 mustang in 1975, still play it & currently own 6 mustangs, don't know about the others but I think I know what I am talking about
  2. I don't think anyone was doubting what Burgundy was & I guess you never read the bit about suppliers & undercoats, best we agree to disagree
  3. What was it then ? I thought it was LPB, it looks exactly the same as the custom colour & guitar restorers that have done a refin used LPB as an exact match on those comp mustangs, same as the comp red was Candy Apple Red. The variations in colour were due to the nitro clear coat top laquer reacting with the elements over time.
  4. I have small hands & found the mustang to be a good guitar for me, on the vintage models the A width is also good, but does not always accompany a slim profile. A very good option would be a USA Fender Bullet, which was the mustang's replacement in the early 80's. The 2nd generation model 82 onwards has a small strat body & really slim profile telecaster neck, I play an S3 ( 3 single coils ) all the time now as my main guitar, some bargains can be had on ebay. Another option is the Korean Squier Bullet from the mid to late 80's, the necks on these are really slim & they go for a steal sometimes on ebay - upgrade the pups with a good set up & your away. I know quite a lot about the Bullets & Mustangs, so PM me if you need any info.
  5. Sorry to be a party pooper, but seriously maybe you need another guitar ....... a mustang is a mustang , the only way it will sustain is with upgraded pickups, a decent amp with loads of gain or a good stomp box. In my opinion all guitars are different, I have several mustangs & none are exactly the same, a good electric guitar will sustain naturally & acoustically, you will feel it. I have a 65 mustang that sustains naturally & a 69/65 thats not so good. There are going to be obvious differences between through necks & woods etc, but with a good amp & effects you should get those single coils to sing. I have no problems concerning sustain with a stock mustang through a Marshall TSL for instance.
  6. I built it and finished it, and now I'm gonna have to do it all over again... Those bridge saddles are just too far back, and I'll have to either have him ship it back, so I can plug/redrill/refinish or just make a new one. This sucks. *Sigh* Live and learn... Aug, I will PM you, we can sort something out, we have come too far on this to give up on it, & I love the end result.
  7. It was custom made & that was already calculated, but I don't think it was enough, I am no expert, I don't know a lot about the tech side of things.
  8. Its fairly low as it is, I like a low action, as I said before I had to shim the neck almost 1/16 of an inch to get there. The truss rod needs adjusting, as it it is still bedding in from string tension, its got a slight upbow at the mo, so need to take that back a bit, when I have more time.
  9. Sorry for the delay, not been able to get online for a while. Here is the close up of the bridge & a pic of the guitar, with tuners & strings, I think it looks great.
  10. I thought of that when I was intonating, but the saddles are already facing flat side to the stop, so flipping them would make it worse, they need to go the other way. A wound G ! does anyone use a wound G apart from on an acoustic ? I have put a set of cheap 9-42's on it for the mo, but it will need 10 - 48's for the final stringing.
  11. Interested in selling? Nice try, but no chance - I want to persevere with this, its been a long time coming. That did make me grin I think someone will come up with something, so we can sort it out.
  12. Aug, will do that 2moz its late here & the pic would be rubbish with no natural light.
  13. Apologies if I upset anyone, as I said before, its not my intention to cause any upset, I have a tendency to say as it is, things with me are black or white, I don't mean any malice by it & certainly would not criticize anyones work, as I am in no position to, not being able to do it myself. I did intonate, I use my pod which is accurate, in fact its too sensitive, as explained to Aug, the G string is a far back as it can possibly go & still out, the top B & E are in the same position & still slightly out.
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