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  1. I don't actually own a Cyclone so can't really comment on any pros or cons but I do have a Jagstang The common complaint with the Jagstang is the trem system and the narrow neck, the nut width is 1.5625, the switches being a bit high so they can catch your hand (this is easily fixed though) The cyclone uses a Strat style trem system which is much more stable then the Jagstang, personally my Jagstangs trem is fine, I've serviced it and it works great but not everyone is a guitar tech like me The cyclone has a wider neck 1.6785 nut width, which is in between a Gibson and Strat nut width. If you've got smaller hands then the thinner neck on the Jagstang maybe a better choice. Essentially they're very similar guitars, with much of the same functions, the Jagstang is a bit smaller then the Cyclone, has a different pickups switching system with has on and off phase switching. They both are HS and the cyclone hasn't got a slanted humbucker. The Jagstang has a vintage feel to it due to the radius, it's the same as my 57 Strat. I got a Jagstang as I'd wanted one in my collection since the late 90s, now it's here and I play her lots. With maintenance the issues of trem stability can be fixed, just don't expect dive bombs If you're not playing lead and a trem isn't something you use then it's also easy to (block off) as is the Cyclone. Hope that helps a bit, anymore questions ask away and i'll try to answer
  2. Hi mate, Welcome to the group! I have a Jagstang and love it but I also have lots of other guitars, the main issue i have with the Jagstang over a more traditional scale length guitar like the cyclone is the the fretboard radius. If you mainly playing chord based stuff then they both will work fine but if you're into big bends and low actions then the Jagstang isn't ideal for that. The Cyclone has a slightly longer scale length at 24.75 and a 9.5 radius which is more like a Gibson then a Fender, the wider radius is good for all types of playing without choking out, the Jagstang is 24 scale length and 7.25 radius so you get some choking with a low action and big bluesy bends. If you can go and try both guitars go and do that! It's how they feel to you. I personally love my Jagstang and play it all the time, but I also have other guitars if I need to go all EVH and melt some faces ;D
  3. Thanks mate, its arriving tomorrow and ill add it to registry
  4. I've recently managed to get myself a 2002 Jagstang in Fiesta Red I've wanted one for years but never had the cash for it, finally I found one and traded for it I'm a luthier and guitar tech and can't wait to get the guitar to play and tweak Nice to meet all
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