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  1. Haven't been here for ages - thought I'd post some up-to-date pics of my Sonic Blue JS Reissue for your delectation. (Going to have to iron out that warp in the pickguard down by the lower horn!)
  2. Yep that's right - just the one. And it is stock harrison, but I ain't selling.
  3. Ha - you beat me to it. Can't stand this godawful garbage laughingly called a song contest, but just happened to be in the room when Turkey were on and like a true anorak blurted out, "There's a Jag Stang!" Sad but true...
  4. Colours? Olympic White or Shell Pink with torty scratchplate.
  5. Oh boy... I'm just going to sit this one out and see what transpires here. In a moment of madness, I once offered my JS to a kid on here: promised to keep it for him for a month or two whilst he scraped the cash together too, but he never had the decency to get back to me. His parents thought the whole deal was suspicious, or some such crap? I even agreed to put it on Ebay to ease their fears, but nope they still thought old Loco must be a bit dodgy. Pity, cos he missed out on a mint condition instrument.
  6. Suggest you look out for a neck from the same source you got the body, otherwise Warmoth is probably your only option? Nitromoors should hopefully get through most of the polyurethane. Good Luck (reckon you're going to need it)! Welcome to the Forum too, probably the only one where the vast majority sign up just to rubbish the Jag-Stang guitar!?
  7. Sounds like you really need to save a bit more money Willem? Especially if you were prepared to pay approx 265 Euros for an original humbucker...
  8. If we are understanding the question correctly, all I can say is I hope so! Mine's kept lovely 'n' pristine just in case...
  9. I'd avoid 12's if I were you. Put those heavy muthas on and you'll probably find the truss rod will need another tweak? Personally I find 11's are the best compromise on a JS.
  10. Did that go in without too much modification?
  11. Okay - thanks for that! Let me me offer my two cents. I've got a few guitars including a JS reissue. Earlier today I compared it with my new LP Studio, plugged into a little 5 Watt tube amp. That little baby certainly highlights any defects, such as knackered, worn-out strings. The LP has the stock 498T 'bucker at the bridge. It certainly sounds fatter (beefier?) and more mellow - however I'd expect that because of the set neck and mahogany body?? The bridge block and Tune-O-Matic bridge are also much more heavy-duty than the Fender's Dynamic Vibrato type. What difference is that going to make to the eventual sound coming out the amp, or is it purely a matter of sustain? Srummed accoustically the guitars don't sound the same either - the Jag-Stang has a less sophisticated, buzzy sound. That's what comes through when played clean through the amp using either pickup. The single coil doesn't seem a bad offering, bet it would sound perfectly fine if soldered into a Strat? The humbucker doesn't overwhelm the single coil when selected on its own and seems a good match when the two are selected together? I also used a bit of overdrive, using a stock Boss SD-1, a Keeley'd BD-2 Blues Driver and for some real fun - a Boss MD-2 distortion pedal. Never for one moment did the JS sound sh*t - just different. However, when all is said and done - the cheaper guitar is still a basic hot-rodded student model with a stretched body shape. It's not a heavy metal guitar (the fretboard radius alone precludes some serious fretboard w*nking), the bridge is mounted on spindly posts and is a pretty odbball design. Seems to me; that merely throwing in a more expensive pickup in that oddball bridge alone, is actually going to achieve very little? Supplied as stock, this pretty little guitar guitar still works well for bluesy type stuff, punk, garage rock, grunge and basic rhythm.
  12. At the risk of making myself an effing nuisance I'm going be persistent here. So if you've fitted a replacement (SD or Dimarzio), WHY was it better - what was the real difference? What kind of music do you play? Don't just tell me they're just sh*t -cos I ain't gonna buy it.
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