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  1. As my Squire VM Jaguar got stolen, I'm considering MIJ Traditional 60s or MIM Classic Player for upgrade, but I can't test a Japanese model. According to Japanese Fender website, MIJ stock model are having an ''U Shape'' neck, when most of the other Jaguar stock models like MIM Classic Player or American series are made with ''C Shape'' necks. MIJ Traditional 60s https://ibb.co/ffwxs6 MIM Classic Player https://ibb.co/byics6 American Vintage https://ibb.co/n0W8zm So does it mean MIJ Jag are having a thicker or bigger neck? As a player with small hands, it's considerable to have thinner necks because they are more comfortable to play with. Thanks a lot
  2. I've been just purchased the Staytrem Tremolo for upgrading my Squire VM Jaguar, which I needed to unscrew the original collet from the tremolo. BUT I FOUND IT EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO REMOVE IT!!! I got no ideas, tried different spanners, nut wrenches and the nut (backside) of the collet is nearly broken (Yes, anti-clockwise) Just wonder how can I remove it? I've looked at some videos, MIJ or MIM seems can be removed easily, so is it the problem with squire's? Is it glued between the collet and the tremolo assembly? Or just not designed to be removed or upgraded?
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