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  1. I've been chasing the sound for this album while building my own sound as well and discovered the Echoflanger (or Poly Chorus - they were the same pedal) played a huge role in colouring his tone. While messing with the Poly Chorus' Filter Matrix setting, both layered or single takes bearing a certain wash about them, and the hi hi pitched feedback heard throughout the record, as if on cue, can be found and eerily resemble those tones heard on FFWHHROS, RFUS, Tourette's, Scentless Apprentice, Sappy, MV, and IHMAWTD. Here's one little clip of me filling in for Kurt's jaguar with a MIM Jaguar Blacktop HH - found at a pawn shop in East Vancouver by myself last month. Ok, I can't attach the raw file. I'll post a YouTube shortly.
  2. Long time listener first time caller. Sonic Blue Jagstang was my first axe twenty years ago. Recently been given position of lead guitar on top of my original position as singer, so I dusted her off, had a killswitch installed by my guitar tech, acquire a guitar tech, and build a pedalboard. Recently got a Stereo Vintage reissue of the Poly Chorus and right away I figured out the settings for the HSB (live and LP solos) and obv RFUS (spacey warble) ... and just the other day I discovered upon switching to Filter Matrix mode, barely touch the RFUS patch and slightly adjust the tune knob, the feedback sources to Rape Me (very very end), Frances Farmer, Milk It, RFUS, Tourettes, MV, Sappy, and I Hate Myself become very apparent. The Filter Matrix with all knobs but tune and feedback turned down make the solo sound for Sappy. NOTE if you see a pic of te Echo Flanger that's what Kurts note refers to in regards to what they call Poly Chorus settings basically the same pedal with diff gfx and knob placement; use that as your guide and oh the new PC comes with the "Nirvana Setting" in the manual of which I'm quick to guess its the warble patch. I'm gonna post a pic of my jagstang last played on stage in December. Apparently I can't just post it from my phone so I'll post it later on
  3. Vancouver has many opportunities in sound, both on stage and film.
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