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  1. Hey Mike! Thanks so much for your wisdom I knew the switches must have been replaced, I took her into a mustang aficionado here in London who took off the neck and had a look inside and all appears to be original! They were surprised at how clean everything was too, but thought it may have lived in the case for many years... I was very happy about that, a blue/green mark on the back side appears to be from a strap aside from that Im more than happy! Stuck some 11s on there and she plays like a dream... Ah man that sucks, if you can get hold of the trem arm I'll happily buy that off of you hah
  2. two pics wouldn't embed without the post failing so I'm adding them here... Sorry for the inconvenience!
  3. Hey I've just picked up a lovely sounding Olympic white mustang, sold as original... however the seller is happy for me to investigate and would refund me some money, as there a few things I think may have been done to it... firstly the switches are black... the neck plate and headstock serials don't match (although I know this doesn't necessarily mean it's not original, neck plate 186229 with f logo). Additionally the pat pending label is on the vibrato setup, and there are some suspect paint blobs in white... I appreciate any thoughts, you guys know fa
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