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  1. If you were hearing this from reliable sources, you wouldn’t need to ask the question, right? Fender ships the mustang from the factory with 10’s on it. I think we can trust the Fender R&D department over random Internet blowhards.
  2. I dropped these into my jag-stang: https://shop.fender.com/en-US/parts/stratocaster-parts/american-vintage-stratocaster-telecaster-tuning-machines/0992040000.html I did need to ream the post holes a little bit, but not much. Otherwise, these line up perfectly.
  3. I would measure the neck relief and determine if the neck needs to be adjusted.
  4. I finally got around to buying these tuners and at first I didn’t think they were going to fit. The bushings were slightly larger than the stock holes on my (Vista) Jagmaster. I ended up taking a thick rag and wrapping it around the bottom of the headstock and over the bushing that I was going to install. I then took a pair of pliers and carefully pushed the bushing into the headstock and they went in like butter. I repeated these steps for the others and the operation was successful; the new tuners were installed. Now I’m confident I can do the same operation on the Jag-Stang. I noticed that these specific tuners are no longer listed on Kluson’s website. I’m going to write them and ask them if they’ve been discontinued. New sets are still out there to be picked up. I’ll probably end up buying a backup set at the very least. Fender has several vintage tuning machine sets available. I’m going to check the comparability and gear ratio on those. I might decide to put Fender’s on the Jagstang, if they have a set with a high gear ratio. If anyone has any experience with these, please share your thoughts.
  5. The original pickups were included with my Jag-Stang. Sorry, I couldn't embed the images to this message but you can view them here: http://s50.photobucket.com/user/MoodyTuner3/library/Jag-Stang?sort=3&page=1 Let me know if you need different angles.
  6. Thanks Mike! I'm going to pick these up as I think they'll work for both my Jag-Stang and Vista Jagmaster (both have stock tuners). I appreciate your help!
  7. Mad-Mike: You have the tuners listed in your Jag-Stang registry as the KFT-3085 model. Are those the CL's with H mount mounting style? If not, which ones are they? Were you able to just drop them in or did you have to drill the headstock? I'm looking for tuners that I can just drop into the Jagstang (with highest gear ratio I can get) and not have to drill into the headstock. I also have a Vista series Jagmaster and the tuners look identical to my naked eye, to the ones on the Jagstang, so I'm thinking I could replace the tuners on both of the guitars with the same replacement set, without modification. Thoughts? I appreciate your insight, you seem to be a Jagstang expert!
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