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  1. Hello everyone, I am a big fan of Nirvana. They got me into playing guitar nearly 20+ years ago and the music still to this day inspires my songwriting. I have had 3 Jagstangs over the years which I have mainly bought as collector pieces. For one reason or another they have always ended up being sold or traded for other equipment. The last one I bought (and sold) created a level of regret so I have been on the hunt for a good quality one for about 12 months. Last week I found one in Russia of all places and today it arrived in Australia.. Anyway, getting to the point.. While I am cautious of getting flamed for saying this on the Jagstang forum, I have always found Jagstangs to be bad playing guitars - even after set ups and taking time to bond with them they have never really got much play time. However, on receiving this one today I plugged it in and havent been able to put it down for a couple of hours. I am not sure if the pickups are aftermarket or if its because its a 'CIJ' model or if its just one of the good ones... wow... I am blown away!! Cheers, John
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