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  1. I will do. Thanks for the reply. XaG
  2. Thanks very much for the replies guys. I'm looking to get the Fender Mustang/Duo-Sonic/Musicmaster/Bronco case thanks to you Mike
  3. Hi guys I have been in this community for a little while now, I've read all of the setup post's but I've still got unbelievably high action on my Jagstang, which if i try to lower start to get buzz and notes fretting out. I've had my JagStang since October last year and haven't got it they way I want. I've took it to a repair shop, but they didn't fix anything, just took my money. I had to go back 3 times because of problems the last being because the guy forgot to put a screw in the pickguard, so overall a terrible experience. Completely unprofessional. I've done adjustments myself, followed setup guides, replace the nut that the guy over filed. I'm at the end of my ropes with this guitar, because I love everything about it, but can't play without wanting to make it better I'm sorry if I come across as a whiny bitch, I know this is the best community for offset guitars on the internet, so if you guys can't help me I'm fu**ed. Thanks, XaG
  4. Hi everybody i was just wondering what cases do you guys use for your jagstangs? I seen there was a forum already up about jagstang cases but wanted to hear what people use to accomodate multiple guitars. I was looking into the 'Gator GW-JAG Deluxe Offset Electric Guitar Case'. Although I'am not set on it. I'am ideally looking at getting a case i can use for my strat as well and not spend a ton of money. Your guys input opinions are appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hi thanks for the reply. I didn’t know the ‘Designed by Kurt Cobain’ was a sticker, thanks for clarifying that. I was just worried that the Jag-Stang that I bought wasn’t authentic, but now I know. Thanks again for your help it’s appreciated. XaG
  6. Hi this is my first post on this forum. I have just recently purchased a Jag-Stang, it is a 1994-1995 model. I have also just realized that it doesn't say Designed by Kurt Cobain on the back of the head stock. If anybody could help me and tell me if this is normal or not it would be appreciated. Thanks
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