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  1. Well waddaya know - that seems to have done the trick! I cut a pick in two and primed it with some glue - just household stuff (UHU over here). I took the neck off and placed the two halves in position, I repeatedly removed and replaced the picks to allow the glue to spread and also to let it mix with some air. I didn't wait very long at all before screwing it all back together. I noticed immediately that the bottom of the neck aligned perfectly with the cutaway of the body - it's clear that they milled too much of the top of the pocket away. Anyway, it's been fine since, only g
  2. I tried shimming with a pick as well. I guess I didn't consider continuing with that method when it went out again. I'll give that a go, thanks Mad-Mike!
  3. I ordered a Jag-Stang from Japan, I have had problems with the neck since I got it in the 90s. Since the neck doesn't fit the neck pocket perfectly, it rotates up and down very easily. This is the main reason I don't use it more often. I have taken my guitar to a respected guitar technician to solve the problem numerous times, unfortunately to no avail. We tried extra screws, we tried padding the neck pocket with a snug guide - these only seemed to work until the next time the guitar took a knock - which is unavoidable. The last thing we discussed was to set the neck (glue it in plac
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