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  1. Been playing my classic player Jaguar HH for years, and I still really want a Jag-stang. I think all the Fenders one simply put are crap and I'd rather build my own. I am eyeing up ordering a body and neck from Warmoth, and want some opinions about how I should spec it.


    I'm painting the guitar myself, in an old chevy colour called Ermine white, and I am putting a silver pearl pickguard on it. I am looking at buying locally some vintage Dimarzio dual sound humbuckers, to do an HH setup in this guitar complete with coil tapping and all that fun stuff. I think I want to angle both humbuckers (pickguards are only $33, so if I hate it it's cheap to replace, and universal routing).


    CBS Mustang/Jaguar spec, 24" scale, 22 frets, obviously stuff. I'm thinking flame maple with a black ebony board, mother of pearl dot inlays, wide & tall stainless frets, Gotoh/grover tuner size, a 10-16" fretboard radius with the largest nut available (1-11/16") and with a clear gloss finish over it all. 

    Now getting my specs aside, I am not sure which bridge I should opt for, a Mustang or a Tune-o-matic bridge. I have an old Adjust-o-matic bridge from my Classic Player Jaguar sitting around, since I converted my Jaguar to a staytrem. I don't know how much vibrato I'm going to use on this guitar, but I'd still like to have it there. With the 10-16" compound radius, 1-11/16th nut, and a TOM being 12" radius from what I understand, what would the best choice be?

    Thank you in advance

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