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  1. Yes it has 22 frets and a length of 24" so it's a jaguar neck. So thank you for your help, even if it was an imitation, a lefty jaguar is so rare that I'm quite happy to have it! But now I'm relieved I have not been scammed... It's crazy how hard it is, on the internet to find a jaguar or Jazzmaster or Mustang, the only one is the Kurt Cobain signature that costs $1500 and I'm not sure it's worth it... Or there is the jazzmaster style Revelation RJT60 that surprisely doesn't appear to be so bad...
  2. I've just read on the Fender website that the decal "crafted in japan" Q+5 digits means year 2002-2004 When I entered my serial number it says : STANDARD STRATOCASTER® LEFT-HANDED Serial #: Q039189 Brand: Fender Product Category: Guitars Product Type: Stratocaster® So it's clear that it's not a Jaguar neck but a strat neck, maybe a genuine one or a copy, what do you think? And is it possible to know if the body is a Fender one?
  3. Hello everyone. I own a lefty Japanese Jaguar that I bought on second hand many years ago. I like it, the neck seems of good quality but there are some problems that make me think that it's probably a fake or half fake. Here's why: (I'm French so I hope my English is clear enough) On the head there is no string retainer There is just a Fender logo (that is not a sticker) on the head, but nothing else, no "jaguar" mark or something like that. The color of the head and the body are slightly different if you look closely The fret edges seem smooth but on the area where the neck joins the body the neck exceeds a little so the strings are a little to close to the neck and the strings distant from the pick ups I have a lot of problems with the electronic, sometimes there is suddenly no sound at all without a reason. On the plate behind the body there is no Fender logo or F letter The trem arm feels ‘loose’ and often falls when I play Behind the neck the serial number seems ok : crafted in japan serial number Q 039 139. The guitar dater project says Fuji-gen Plant (for Fender Japan), Japanin 1993 - 1994 On the trem plate there is this inscription : Fender PAT #2.972.923 but I can't find anything about this number So when I write all these strange clues it seems obvious it's not the original body with the right neck or just a fake Fender. So what do you think ? Here are some photos of the elements. Thank you for your help.
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