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  1. Personally, I prefer to use the Planet Waves straps with strap locks. You don't have to modify your guitar, you can use it on other guitars and you can take it with you if you decide to sell it.
  2. Ar fheabhas! Maith an fear! Bail o Dhia ar an obair! (Ask your Irish relations. It is a compliment.)
  3. While these are really good tips, a decent compressor/sustainer would cost between
  4. I can't say enough good things about the Knockout. It gives everything a boost. The clean sounds out of it are superb and when used with an overdrive, it sounds fantastic. The two filters let you set your low and high end just as you like it and the dry knob lets you tweak the sound. There's so many sound variations you can get out of the thing and still keep the character of your guitar. I wouldn't have considered it before the guy in the shop hooked me up (he was cool - he kept hooking me up to things saying "you've got to try this"). Once I heard it, I couldn't leave without it.
  5. I invested my vouchers and some cash in two Electro-Harmonix pedals - a Knockout Attack Equalizer and an English Muff'n. Outstanding! The Knockout gives your sound a real shot in the arm and the Muff'n is just about the sweetest overdriven sound I've heard from a pedal.
  6. They're supporting NMA tonight in my home town. The Jag-Stang won't be in use but I'll go along anyway.
  7. Music Store Koeln have it listed on back order. They're expecting it to come in next April or so. http://www.musicstore.de/is-bin/INTERSH ... =OfferList
  8. Also, when your arm is nice and raw, rub some vinegar into it.
  9. The short answer is 'no'. The long answer is 'no it won't'.
  10. They still had a lot of parts left over and CBS didn't start making changes to production immediately. So, a lot of guitars that are immediately post-CBS are exactly the same as pre-CBS. I'd say it's more likely to be all original with those features than without.
  11. Peter green is said to have got a unique sound out of his Les Paul by accidentally flipping one of his humbuckers after taking them out for cleaning. I don't think it'll make any difference with the Jag-Stang but you're in good company anyway.
  12. Quite right. Humbuckers only cancel out mains hum.
  13. Some noise is normal on a single coil but humbuckers are supposed to cancel it out. My guess is that those particular amp settings are making the noise worse. A noise gate should solve it.
  14. Pot is shorthand for potentiometer (also known as a rheostat) which can vary electrical resistance. They're what make your control knobs work.
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