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  1. check out my thread called "SD Jaguar pups" for more info & the story of my quest for feedback elimination, SJAG3 pickups and the pointlessness of the claws.
  2. well, this guy custom-builds guitars for a living, so he knows a lot outside of various makes of guitars, i guess. http://www.dm-guitars.co.uk/ is his site, some nice looking self-built guitars there.
  3. aye, well this guy knew his stuff. i was talking to him for a while when i collected it. he used to have a jag, we were discussing the bridge problems, etc. if anyone's in the SE England, i recommend him.
  4. i gave my jag to a really decent and really nice guitar tech in the area, asking him to repot the pups. instead, he removed the claws, regrounded it, added magnetic shielding below the pickguard, replaced the jack socket and padded out the pups so i can have them much higher. no more screaming. he said the claws were the biggest problem, and were basically making the whole thing microphonic. it sounds like a beast now, and i can apply plenty of gain and now i get beautiful, beautiful and easily controllable harmonic feedback as and when i want it. it hasn't squealed once, no matter how h
  5. as i say, it's controllable to a certain extent, but ideally, i'd like a wee bit more volume, but that would be the straw that breaks the camel's back. i'm on the very edge of controllable feedback, any more gain or volume would render it constant. it's not so much the screaming, squealing kind that i had with the stock pups, more of a wail. don't get me wrong, i adore harmonic feedback, and often use it, but this seems to be semi-harmonic feedback that is provoked by microphonic. as soon as i stop playing, it screams instantly. another thing, i just found out that the pups are self-contai
  6. right, ok, thanks. any suggestions where i can get this done? is it the kind of thing most guitar shops can do/get done, or a bit more specialist?
  7. ok, so i cranked the new jag pups last night. they sound great, but i'm still getting some (not as much, there is a noticable imporvement) feedback when i use distortion. i found a great sound with the new pups, but i need to go just a tad louder to be heard amongst the bass/drums in my band at practices. problem is, if i crank my amp any louder than halfway, the squealing feedback becomes pretty much constant and unbearable. i just need it to be a teeny bit louder without screeching. i read somewhere that removing the claws around the pickups can help. seems a bit drastic though, that wou
  8. sweet. i got them now, and they're both fitted nicely. i also got hold of a mustang bridge and replaced the EVIL Jag bridge. it has so much more output now, and the squealing feedback has improved somewhat with the new pups, it seems. ultimate test is band practice tonight. still have to fiddle with pickup height, but i'm really pleased with these so far. i'll report back in the next few days after i've cranked it this evening. yee!
  9. Hello Jagsters, Does anybody have any experience of the Seymour Duncan SJAG-3 pickups? I have ordered both the bridge and neck varieties for my CIJ Jaguar, since the stock pickups were really, really weak (putting my amp on full blast still wasn't loud enough over bassist/drummer) and gave microphonic feedback with even the slightest distortion. I'm confident they have a decent output, but will these pups cure the squealing feedback? Have any of you overcome the feedback problems with ANY new pups at all? thanks in advance, gregkitten
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