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  1. Nice! I’d be really keen to hear how you get on with it. Are you building the body yourself?
  2. Hi Thanks very much for your reply. I did wonder about the VM Squier mustang as I have one and whether I could just get hold of the same bridge and do a straight replacement. Funnily enough I actually really like the neck on the VM mustang I have as well so I’m tempted just to get hold of a one of them and use that. What do you think? cheers
  3. Can anyone tell me whether it would be possible to adapt a Jag-stang to put a modern 9.5 inch radius neck and medium jumbo frets on to it or is that just an impossibility? I have two one red one blue both factory and staying that way and was thinking of buying a third and totally modifying it with a few different things including pick ups and a colour change but I was really only going to bother doing it if I could do the neck. Cheers guys
  4. Thanks Mike what made you decide to change them to revolutions in 2014?
  5. Hi thanks for letting me know. Didn't know who made the originals or what they were called but they are utter crap!
  6. Hi Can anyone advise on the best vintage machine tuners to replace the terrible stock ones in both my Jagstangs? They seem to be unbelievably poor quality! Will Fender USA equivalents used in Jaguars and Mustangs fit without any modifications or need to drill new holes? Cheers
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