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  1. OK, I am a bit new to wiring a guitar. Do I need to de-solder everything before doing this? Also where exactly do I connect it on the volume pot?
  2. Here are the photos.... https://photos.app.goo.gl/DPZPTJyEQwbzPPsZ8
  3. Correct..No sound from either pickup in any switching position. If I adjust the tone knob I can hear the buzz change tones so that's working. Yes Cable and amp are 100% working. Tested with a Jackson KV-1 with no issues.
  4. Hello All! New member here trying to get help with my Jag-Stang. So I have a Fiesta Red Jag-Stang that my parents bought me in high school in 1995. Through all the guitars I have had that is the one I swore I would never sell as it was the first guitar my parents bought me after a $20 pawn shop guitar. Anyways, it got heavy use for plenty of years and just fell out of rotation more and more. It was sitting in a soft case in a bedroom for a few years without play. I decided to give it a try and got no sound out of it. I opened it up and there looked to be some white residue around the switches. I used switch/contact cleaner and tried it again. There was some sound but it was pretty low. Then when I would turn the volume up it would get to normal volume for about half a second. I figured it was the pots so I replaced them with these... https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/0990834000--fender-500k-split-shaft-potentiometer-volume-or-tone Plugged it in and nothing. Just buzz, that's all! Did I install something wring or is it possible the switch need replacement? Also secondly...these pots are way bigger and I seemed to have misplaced the original knobs at one point. Anyone know where I can get knobs that look like the original knobs that fit these pots?
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