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  1. The only thing I can think of is a noise gate pedal. That might help you out. Otherwise, it might be easier to mark down the settings of your pedals and equipment to quickly dial things back when switching guitars.
  2. Hey guys! Obligatory new to the forum post, here. I just picked up my 2002 Fiesta Red Jag-Stang on Friday of last week, and I'm head over heels in love with this instrument. However, I seem to be having some tone issues. For reference, I am running my Jag-Stang through a beat up Marshall DFX 100, a You Dirty Rat pedal, Nu Tube Screamer, and a Rusty Fuzz pedal. The JS has a Texas Special and an SH-4 JB in it, so my tone should be perfect, but everything sounds too bassy and muddy. Distortion doesn't really offer the crunch that I really want through this guitar like it does with my Fender Duo Sonic. I've tried messing with the EQ on my amp and lowering/raising the pickup heights. I'm kinda running out of any ideas, and any help would be appreciated!
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