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  1. Due to covid 19 I'm not building guitars. Just jamming on my guitars till the plague is over.
  2. Yeah. I bought one of those for $80. They are heavy. And need bodywork before paint. My cherry burst paint job has woodgrain texture. It was a mistake. However, everyone that sees it in person seem to love it. Those bodies don't require a neck shim either. I'm really satisfied with the ash body. My guitar stays in tune for quite some time. I actually like it better than my expensive guitars: fiesta red mustang Kurt signature series. And also my strat is a Yngwie Malmsteen signature series. Somehow, my jagstang plays better.
  3. This is a 2012 Cobain series mustang. It's not modified any further than Fender had it. They took apart 3 of Kurt's "in utero" tour era mustangs to make reissue guitars. Placid blue w/ competition stripes, Daphne blue, and fiesta red.
  4. Nice to see you have the correct bridge. Nice Stang!
  5. My 2012 Kurt Cobain series mustang. I used to also have a daphne blue clone that I built. And a silver M.I.M. mustang 90. Now, all I own are: 2012 fiesta red shown above, 2015 Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster, and my home made jagstang.
  6. I just added tortoise shell tuner buttons that match the pickguard
  7. This is a recent pic of my Jagstang. I added a zebra pickup at the bridge.
  8. I am a luthier though. I built my jagstang. The body is made of Ash wood. A little heavy. However, it sounds great. I already had fender mustang parts. Which are the same as jagstang hardware. (I did add 500k pots) The neck came from a jaguar.(no shim needed perfect fit) Of course, I used a Gotoh tune-o- matic bridge. Now, it has a zebra pickup at the bridge and a Seymour Duncan hotrod pickup at the neck. Sounds pretty mean. All I was saying is: why alter an original? I build custom guitars on the side for some extra cash. If someone wants a personalized jagstang, I am available. I also wish Fender or Squier would make new ones with affordable prices. Then, original ones can be left alone. And we can customize the rest. EMG pickups on a jagstang? Nice. I thought of doing that. How's the sound? I decided to not use activ pickups. I always liked zebras. And never worry about bringing an extra 9v battery.
  9. Hey Mad Mike....All I was saying about instead of altering an original: I build guitars to whatever someone wants.
  10. Now, it has a zebra humbucker at the bridge. I find Photobucket annoying. So, unfortunately, I can't add a pic of how it looks now.
  11. This is my personal JS build. Has a shortscale 22.5 /21 fret neck, like a jagmaster. Seymour Duncan hot rod pickup at the neck. Vintage '66 mustang bridge pickup. 500k volume and tone pots. Gotoh style bridge. It's really mean sounding with distortion. Really crisp and clear sound while clean. The paint job is what I call a "Black cherry metal flake" reverse burst. It flip/flops color. Looks black from a distance. I didn't want to alter an original jagstang. So, the best alternative was to build a clone.
  12. For those who want a custom build. For those who can't find a Jagstang. Why customize an original? Build one. If you lack luthier skills, I can help you.
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