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  1. Without purchasing new pu's you can raise the height of your stocks.
  2. I'm gunna be putting in some fender fat 50's in my mustang, I was originally going to have a tech do it. But how difficult would it be to do so myself. I have the required tools to do the job.
  3. Aug, did you use two or three three pieces of alder to make that, im interested in doing a project similiar to yours creating a custom stang.
  4. link very high price, but the neck on that is amazing
  5. how much did you pay for it? found this ad link says 40,000 yen which is $345 in US so if u sell it on e bay probably would get 200-300 for it if ur lucky.
  6. Or would I have to rout/get someone to rout out the body to be able to put a single or 'bucker in the middle. so you to route a mustang for a middle single coil sized pickup? i dont think that will give you much diversity unless you were to add a another switch or tone knob it wouldn't be worth and it looks like ####. as bandit said why not just get a cyclone or a strat.
  7. my mustang's dead? what shame looks like i will have to go out and but a new 65 RI. the mustang sounds perfectly fine w/o a humbucker if you wanted your guitar sound alive then a guess you should get a gibson
  8. what fender should have done instead creating the cyclone was make a mustang with upgraded pickups such as vintage noiseless or lace sensors, and imo add another tone control or something of that nature to add more control to shape the sound of the guitar, or something of that nature. "sooo..why get a mustang rather than a Fender Cyclone??! i'm curious!" once again, why not get a fat strat thats essentially what the cyclone is except it has body shape similiar to the mustang, but that is where the similiarties end i believe.
  9. The mustang appeal is that it feels great (neck, weight) looks great, and most of the people on this forum swap out the bridge pickup because they feel its to weak or want a high gain pickup rather than just purchase a guitar designed that way. although if u work with they bridge pickup u can get some nice leads out of it, with a good amp and effects (i keep my mustang stock). "sooo..why get a mustang rather than a Fender Cyclone??! i'm curious!" because the mustang sounds and plays better.
  10. http://cgi.ebay.com/1982-Fender-Mustang ... dZViewItem i wish i had $500 to throw at that, just throw on a different pickguard i always wanted a stang wit a maple neck.
  11. they prices have been skyrocketing latetly haven't they, but that is still a very good looking stang', but so are the overpriced Ri's of the 65 at MF.
  12. i think dynamic vibrato is a cool unique tremelo unit and would like to use it but its not that my stang goes terribly out of tune after i use the tremelo but while im using it........
  13. "I love the trem I just started using the trem in both my stangs U look the bar in and divebomb away man its sweet!" how do u pull that off without knocking the guitar out of tune?
  14. its probably an 05' i got it around december last year. i just measured the strings height over the 17 fret and adjusted the treble side the bass side was fine.
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