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  1. Here's mine: it's a 2004/5 CIJ with SD Quarter Pounders and Mustang saddles
  2. I might've posted this already but someone over at the FDP e-mailed me the zipped "Jaguar Dressing Room". If anyone here wants it, PM me your e-mail and I'll send it over.
  3. Hey somms, check it out: link Ah, I was trying to avoid ebay...but I may just have to reconsider. That looks spectacular....Thanks! Whoops! Didn't read your post too closely, I guess. But they are some nice pics to look at. p.s. Any particular reason for avoiding eBay?
  4. They look like the QP's that I put in my Jag. Ask him to flip them over and see if there's a sticker on the back saying something like: "SJAG3-N"
  5. I bought my Jag from Ishibashi last year. I'm in Canada though, not Europe. They were quick with the communication shipping took about a week.
  6. I have an old Symphonic tube amp from the 60's my uncle gave me that's probably about 5 Watts. It's not loud enough for band volumes (obviously) but I dig the natural distortion it gets. How would I set it up where I can play clean through the HRDlx and then stomp a pedal and have the natural distortion from the Symphonic come out of the Hot Rod Deluxe? Can I put it through the PREAMP OUT/POWER AMP IN on my HRDlx without damaging either amp? Thanks for your help.
  7. Thanks everyone. I'm not going to order the pickguard from him.
  8. Hey all, Thanks for all the info I've gleaned from this board. Any help with this question would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking for a brown tortoise shell pickguard and found an ebay seller with one. Our exchange: "Will this pickguard fit a CIJ Jag? Thanks for your time. joe "Yes. It's a common myth that they are different. I've sold close to a hundred of these in different finishes and installed quite a few. There is NO DIFFERENCE in pickguard pattern between ANY of the Fender production Jag/JM guitars. That being said you should ALWAYS be prepared to relocate a couple of Mou
  9. They've responded while I was typing my reply. Excellent.
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