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  1. my gretsch doesn't sustain any more than my squier bullet strat does. but if i wanted sustain i woulda got a les paul or something...
  2. has anybody seen the peppers on snl when john inprovised the intro to piss off ant? tis brilliant for improv.
  3. which is best for what? would you rather play teen spirit or negative creep? cause, we need to know these things for us to help you.
  4. that's only AU$4995, 2k more than a us reissue http://www.ricsvintageguitars.com/fender.htm
  5. http://www.photobucket.com you can create an account to upload your photos. then to post them here, simply use the img tags: (place the picture url in the middle of those. and that's a really nice jag btw
  6. not all fender cases are the same. the jag/jazz cases are made only for the jag/jazz because of the offset body design. if a store you know deals fender products, ask them to order a jag case in for you.
  7. that is hot. i wish it would have gotten built anyway, cross, the bronco guard doesn't really fit on the jagstang:
  8. those are horrible. the mustang isn't the right guitar for a blocked and bound neck
  9. it's not saved to your pc. it's saved to your youtube playlist.
  10. how can you say you like the mustang bridge btter when it's exactly the same as a jag bridge?
  11. Not needed. Stop misinforming people. how am i misinforming people with my opinion...i think its a better bridge.. the mustang and jag bridge are exactly the same. the only differance is the saddles.
  12. aug, a musicmaster in desert sand would be awesome.
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