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  1. maybe fender Adjust-o-matic that comes on kurtz mustang or kurts jaguar or in case you use tremolo , the wilkson one but may i ask you , why you want tune o matic ?
  2. it´s a clone of original HB-3 , a Cheapo japonese clone. 2 wire , looks like a P.a.f Based pickup, funny that pickup sound well in any other guitar, and at jag-stang sounds horrible . and even more funny is fact that jag-stang original don´t deal well whit certain pickups or they sound mud or they sound bassy or sounds strange at end of deal i never found a pickup that sound well at jag-stang.
  3. too heavy visual. go for White or mint pickguard. Metal flat switchs , yellow plastic dont match. duo it
  4. 4 wires , yes caps .47 and .22 (Push pull vol To change it) on surfstang (Ash body) .47 on jag-stang (Basscrap, Mean Basswood) a lot more can do : Just Neck Neck + Splited Bridge ( will sounds like Single Coil + Hot Single Coil) Neck + Parallel Neck + series Bridge Bridge Series Bridge Parallel Bridge Split Phase Off B Series Phase Off B Parallel Phase Off Neck + B Series Phase Off Neck + B Parallel Splitted bridge dont work whit phase off. neck pickup need had 4 wires to phase off works correctly
  5. combination of Mahogany, angry duncans and classic bridge, make it
  6. Jag-stang bridge ? Tryed MD Guide ? viewtopic.php?f=1&t=14552&hilit=whammy+set+up
  7. try 5 steps 1 - ) Setup the Truss road first than all , if you don
  8. Your guitar need shielding. Cooper or paint, Wiring is piece cake. Get the schematic you want ....... or if you wanna try something new check my wiring style.
  9. oki a lots , make sound brighter and increase the sustain, stay more in tune, sexy tone lol Seymour Duncan SLSn Lipstick at Neck Seymour Duncan JB At bridge Controls : Dual push pull 500k Alpha Japan Spague caps Switchcraft 1/4 output Seymour Duncan SLSn Lipstick at Neck Seymour Duncan JB At bridge Controls : Dual push pull 500k Alpha Japan Spague caps Switchcraft 1/4 output
  10. try out my wiring style goes : Neck- Dual - Bridge ////// Split-Series-Parallel // Push-pull 500k at tone goes Phase-out viewtopic.php?f=1&t=19255
  11. Follow mad-mike setup Whammy guide and get 101% usable whammy bar
  12. Enjoy : Controls : Phase Reverse at Push pull Vol and Tone , Secondary push-pull experimental tone blender still not 100% yet Tone and volume 500k , Alpha Japan ! Switchs , Switchcraft America of course Neck - Bridge + Neck - Bridge Split * Series * Parallel
  13. My Fender Jag-stang My Surf-Stang Surf Stang , all things jag-stang had negative removed. its had better tone sound than original JS , lots more tone and killer sustain duo string thuru - Ash body maded by RobertOG - Neck maded of Quart-Saw Maple , copy used my original neck for measures. - pickups is Angry Duncans : Lipstick neck and JB bridge - Tuners is Gotoh Lock , Nut maded of true Cow bone. - Bridge Tones-Pro Lock Tom + String thuru
  14. out of phase is like you had on your jag-stang Split , make humbucker work like single coil but a lot more hot Parallel is sound very like Jimmy page , led Zep and Series is most common humbucker sound. Full of Power. i wanna try take macro pictures shows the points very detailed and easy to be copy
  15. mine is Neck-both-bridge /// Parallel-Split-Series /// Push Pull 500K Out Of Phase. that
  16. they are cool but the bridge pickup ain
  17. jag-stang is horrible whit any humbucker had one over 6 years and it
  18. humbucker on jag-stang is weak even J.B sounds week on jag-stang
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