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  1. its a squier, the original screwed in.....just making sure that it is suppose to have some wiggle room, thanks for the reply
  2. Thanks for the support, you guys are awesome!
  3. Hello, managed to get my mitts on a staytrem bridge. Question, is there suppose to be a generous amount of wiggle room when I drop it in the posts? Is that what they mean by a rocker? Thanks in advanced. Jeff
  4. Shielding the trem cavity Is not required because there are no electronics in the cavity ....at least thats what I've come to learn.
  5. Hi Kids! I'm new here. I played strats for many years until I got my hands on a J Mascis Jazzmaster and I just can't believe how comfortable the guitar feels. Unfortunately the electronics kept cutting in and out and sounded scratchy. So I picked up a new wiring harness and some pickups I want to try and install myself, problem is I have no clue what I'm doing, I need to figure out where the pickup wires go and there are two black wires in the cavity that I'm not sure are for, one is ground i assume. Anyway, if i posted some pics would anyone be willing to help me out and show me where th
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