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  1. Fender Jaguar American Vintage 1965 https://ibb.co/ZJwFStd My Jaguar
  2. Hi I’m looking for a simple diagram to split my JB on my Mustang and I can not find that diagram. Single coil switch = normal (unchanged) JB switch = Humbucker / Off / Split (Humbucker mode when switch is closest to the bridge) I don't want any extra switches or push pull and I don’t need out of phase. I can’t find this wiring is there anyone who can help me on this please? thanks Chris
  3. Some more pics of my freshly modded Mustang with modern TOM bridge, locked tremolo, lowered switches, fully shielded, 500k pots and Duncan JB humbucker .
  4. Finally a Mustang again, just finished the mods! 🤘 Fender Mustang (Cobain mods) Mustang with TOM bridge and JB installed
  5. Probably too late but I have a 94 MIJ Jazzmaster and the neck is awesome, very thin
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