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  1. Big owie on the tuners but everything else looks good.
  2. Thanks, not sure what to say but I will post some work in progress shots soon, or you can just find the thread I made on the offsetguitars forum which documents the whole build.
  3. Hi. I have been updating this on the offsetguitars forum and thought I would share it on here. I made the neck a few years ago and just recently finished the body. The body is made from Tasmanian King Billy. It is very light and dense. The humbucker is a JB seymour Duncan. I plan on adding an extra switch to covert it to single coils. The neck pickup is a cheap mighty Mite pickup which actually sounds really good, although I will eventually replace it. It's just about finished. I'm still adjusting it here and there.
  4. Here's my take on the Supersonic:
  5. I like the Jag-stang design heaps but have always wanted something a bit bigger and not as slanted. I've straightened the humbucker too.
  6. Thanks. I'm thinking of finishing it in metallic silver-green. Pale green. Matching headstock.
  7. Hello. I've been updating this project on the OSG forum and thought I'd share it on here as well. Concept: Here's what I have done so far:
  8. Cool. I'd like to send you a better template of the body one day. I have one made directly by routing the tamplate straight off the body. The horns on yours look a bit too big.
  9. it looks amazing, but i'm pretty sure it's the wrong neck. technically it's a 24" scale neck, but it's been adapted to fit a 25.5" scale body.
  10. that's a conversion neck right? which means it will only work on a standard scale body, i.e a jazzmaster? are you sure it will work on a shortscale jaguar?
  11. The fretwork looked really careless. He just bashed it straight in.
  12. Yep. Fiesta Red Jag-stang, Candy apple red Jaguar and Regency red Jazzmaster. Similar to Dakota but a bit darker. The photo was taken with a flash and then I boosted the contrast, so yeah the colours are way out of whack.
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