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  1. Big owie on the tuners but everything else looks good.
  2. Thanks, not sure what to say but I will post some work in progress shots soon, or you can just find the thread I made on the offsetguitars forum which documents the whole build.
  3. Hi. I have been updating this on the offsetguitars forum and thought I would share it on here. I made the neck a few years ago and just recently finished the body. The body is made from Tasmanian King Billy. It is very light and dense. The humbucker is a JB seymour Duncan. I plan on adding an extra switch to covert it to single coils. The neck pickup is a cheap mighty Mite pickup which actually sounds really good, although I will eventually replace it. It's just about finished. I'm still adjusting it here and there.
  4. Here's my take on the Supersonic:
  5. I like the Jag-stang design heaps but have always wanted something a bit bigger and not as slanted. I've straightened the humbucker too.
  6. Thanks. I'm thinking of finishing it in metallic silver-green. Pale green. Matching headstock.
  7. Hello. I've been updating this project on the OSG forum and thought I'd share it on here as well. Concept: Here's what I have done so far:
  8. Cool. I'd like to send you a better template of the body one day. I have one made directly by routing the tamplate straight off the body. The horns on yours look a bit too big.
  9. it looks amazing, but i'm pretty sure it's the wrong neck. technically it's a 24" scale neck, but it's been adapted to fit a 25.5" scale body.
  10. that's a conversion neck right? which means it will only work on a standard scale body, i.e a jazzmaster? are you sure it will work on a shortscale jaguar?
  11. The fretwork looked really careless. He just bashed it straight in.
  12. Yep. Fiesta Red Jag-stang, Candy apple red Jaguar and Regency red Jazzmaster. Similar to Dakota but a bit darker. The photo was taken with a flash and then I boosted the contrast, so yeah the colours are way out of whack.
  13. Red is my least favourite color for a guitar but I keep ending up with them.
  14. Nice to know they don't have a swimming pool rout. Think I might buy one soon. I'd probably stick a CBS Squier neck on it though.
  15. It's really nice to see it completed. I'm just mad at myself for stuffing the fretwork up. I'll try and explain what happened. I glued the plastic binding on before I radiused the neck. When I used the sanding block on the neck to do the radius, the plastic from the binding would cake up in the sandpaper. I had to replace the sandpaper after several passes, cuz it would just clog up. It took heaps longer than doing the radius for a normal neck. Because of this, I think it caused an uneven radius on the board. Fretwork. This was my first attempt at fretting a neck that has binding on it. I filed off the 'tangs' rather than clipping them off with professional pliers. This made the fretwork a little difficult. I have to say, when i first strung it up, it played really well. It only buzzed a bit on the low 'E' string. Maybe the glue cured and warped the frets outta shape. But anyway, I should'nt have rushed it and I should have used more professional fretting tools.
  16. That guitar sounded amazing when I saw them play recently. It sounded a bit like Albini's guitar but with more bottom end.
  17. Thankyou very much. I'll put you at the top of my list when/if I get around to having my own workshed and can do this full time.
  18. Yeah, they ####ed up a bit with their writing in the last ten years but the grunge episode is pretty good.
  19. I don't have a work shed here which means I can't really work on any projects. I fly down to Tas occasionally to use my dad's shed. Apart from that Melbourne is pretty good.
  20. Wow. I'd really like to see some pics. Nice to hear from you Mumbly Joe. I'm very sorry to hear about the fret job. The fret job I did for the guitar I made for Dunxy, the ferrington turned out good. I guess with yours it was the first bound neck I have fretted, and so I obviously messed it up. I think I rushed it a bit too, because I was in a bit of a hurry to move over to Melbourne. I wouldn't mind buying the neck back from you (I know you said it's not for sale). But I would like the chance to refret it, just for my own personal benefit. Let me know..
  21. Cheers. It should be finished in about a month. I'll post some really nice pics of the finished product.
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